Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Lucky Me's Special Kari and Po- Ku Instant Noodles

Lucky Me's Kari noodles in all its curry goodness.

With the presence of tropical storm Bebeng hitting the country this weekend, I see no other reason why I should not give in to a steaming bowl of Lucky Me's instant noodles. I recently found out they have new flavors: Kari and Po-Ku, both with Asian flavors in mind. Kari really tasted like the way japanese noodles had curry powders on it. So if you're up for a hot, hot bowl of noodles, Kari is your best choice. It really had that Asian touch--Indian to be exact. For in every sip, you know you're being transported to Mumbai. You won't go wrong with its aroma either...it's too strong to resist.

Lucky Me's Po-Ku instant noodles is perfect for the rainy season.
Po-ku is meant to be enjoyed with family and friends over a chit-chat. It tastes like bones and bones of pork steamed into a soup thereby having its richness and goodness of a real hot pot soup. It is an honest-to-goodness soup for the rainy season. And I was burping with pride after devouring my bowl of this wonderful soup. I heard my stomach thanked me for it. And I know you would too. The best part? They're both easy to prepare and had the Lucky Me NAPA seal of approval, which meant it had no MSG. 

Lucky Me's Kari an Po- Ku are now available in the supermarkets and grocery stores.


Anonymous said...

Beef Kari is actually not from Mumbai as it is taboo for most Indians, particularly Hindus to eat beef. Kari or Curry has been such a popular dish that it is considered a pan-asian cuisine. beef kari is actually a popular dish from western Japan, specifically Osaka.

Anonymous said...

also we have curry here in the Philippines...the good thing about this variant in instant noodles is that it uses curry, a spice common to our palate but not staple in our diet. A vacation from salt and pepper taste of other variants..--gerlie

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