Sunday, November 23, 2014

Hearts and Bells Special Cakes for Special Events, Binondo Manila

Baking runs through my veins, so I was pretty psyched up when I've found out about Hearts and Bells--high-quality special cakes made for special occasions. Although I don't have a sweet tooth, I sometimes feel the need to have my sugar fix. Since Christmas is just around the corner, since I came across Hearts and Bells, I figured their products will be a great gift and giveaway goodies for your loved ones and friends. 

What is it about Hearts and Bells that made it so special? A simple bakeshop that produces one of the most lovely looking cakes and divinely luscious special customized cakes, Hearts and Bells wants to share its gift not just in the culinary field, but also in design in general. Hearts and Bells has been delighting its clienteles with its freshly baked and handmade cakes since it was established way back in 1997. With its overwhelming selection of gourmet specialty cakes and sketching service for personalized and customized cakes as well as handmade cake toppers, you can never go wrong with Hearts and Bells specialty cakes.

What do I love about them? Their cakes are available in six different flavors, namely; Tropical Carrot Cake, Devil's Food Chocolate, Rosy Red Velvet, Heavenly Vanilla, Mocha Espresso and Banana Nut and Chocochip. So basically, as a consumer, you have more options to choose from.  Having tried their specialty cakes, I'd have to say that Hearts and Bells' are soft and fluffy. They're not that sweet too. The filling blended well with its chiffon or pound base cake. There's butter flavor in the mouthfeel. Cake decoration wise, they can do anything from simple yet elegant to something totally fabulous! Price is pretty reasonable too.

Hearts and Bells are also made-to-order cakes. It has no preservatives and best consume within 3 days from the date of purchase. Best eaten at your own pace, undistracted and slowly with a cup of your favorite arabica coffee or warm tea. Taste is unadulterated. And for someone who knows a thing or two about baking, I know that Hearts and Bells do not scrimp on their ingredients. I could not find words to describe it. But once the candles were blown out, expect Hearts and Bells special cakes to be gone in minutes. Yes, and I am not exaggerating here, I am speaking from experience. 

I love Hearts and Bells' Mango Cake. Every bite is a whole mouth full of cake, making the price worth it as they are definitely full of flavor. They aren't overly sweet and doesn't make one feel disgusted ("umay" in the vernacular) even after eating a lot. You know how some cakes are either too hard or too fluffy and the toppings are almost non-existent? Hearts and Bells are far from those ordinary cakes I've mentioned. Here, even the toppings are so flavorful that you will savor them with every bite. Their Mango Cake is very deceiving because it looks like a very simple cake on the outside. The outside is a bit firm. The inside is a bit moist and cakey, just perfect. But then again, don't be fooled by its looks. Hearts and Bells Mango cake is one that will WOW your family and friends. This will certainly knock your socks off! It's very light and delicately sweet. Absolutely divine! 

I believe that Hearts and Bells deserves to have some recognition. They do well to go out of their comfort zone and experiment with trendy flavors and cool cake designs you that you can imagine. Hearts and Bells' quality cakes are also impeccable, quantity is delectable and delight is just phenomenal! Hearts and Bells knows exactly what is good when it comes to baked goodies. I simply can't get enough of their Mango cake. My goodness. I haven't tried everything yet but I love everything I've tried so far. Their frap bars, butterscotch and cream cheese bars are also the best! I know they do more damage to my waistline but I can't help but chomp up with all their awesome baked treats. 

Nowadays, they also offer Desserts Buffet spread which cater to kids and will definitely satiate anyone with sweet tooth. With several theme parties, the dessert buffet can be arranged depending on the party theme. Sink your teeth in soft marshmallows, chocolate wafer sticks, milk powder sticks, frosted butter cookies, sour candy jellies, gummy bears, cherry flavored gum balls, yema balls, cake pops, mini cup cakes, gourmet bars, and even Hearts and Bells' chocolate, custard, caramel and mango cakes to go with it. Fill your guests' stomach with splendid and mouthwatering sweet feast. 

Hearts and Bells also have other pastries to choose from, they have banana loaf, cream cheese bar, frappuccino bar, butterscotch bar--among many others. 

Hearts and Bells does not only focus on their cake design but on the taste as well. They assure quality both visually and on its palatability. When one mentions the brand Hearts and Bells, then you must know you're special because they carefully crafted confection catering to kindred hearts in love or just about crazy with cakes or anything sweet.

I only wish I had known them then when I had my birthday bash. My cake then wasn't this good. Well, I guess I just have to find my groom first so that I can have another spectacular cake for my wedding day from Hearts and Bells. 

If you find yourself salivating, simply lusting for sweets, Call Hearts and Bells--you can never go wrong. 

Hearts and Bells is located at 934 Alvarado Street, Binondo, Manila
Call (02) 242-0599/ 244-0255

Connect with them through Facebook:
Instagram: @heartsnbells

Disclaimer: I am not compensated for is post. Opinions expressed are my own. 


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