Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Dekada Historic Filipino Cuisine, Glorietta

Seasoned by history, Dekada Historic Filipino Cuisine surely knows how to bring out the best in our timeless home-cooked favorites. Taking its name from decades of history in the Philippines; from 1521 Magellan's Voyage to the 1986 EDSA People's Power Revolution.  Dekada Historic Filipino Restaurant showcases nothing but the best of Filipino heritage recipes. Their menu gets its charm from historical-related names of the food, like El Filibusterismo Crispy Tadyang, La Liga Filipina Short Ribs Caldereta, Hulbalahap Pinakbet, among many others. 

Dekada Historic Filipino Cuisine takes you back to the old times where the aroma of your abuela's (grandma) cooking calls everyone to gather around the decades-old dining table, waiting to dig in after saying grace. Dekada Historic Filipino Cuisine is reminiscent of beautiful moments that each Filipino family has had--fond memories that revolve around good 'ol Adobo and Kare-kare accompanied by lovely conversations on life and love. 

The restaurant is filled with vintage items and mementos from the past that every Filipino can easily relate to. They've got the 80' Betamax tapes, Imelda and Marcos memorabilia, and other neat trinkets and stuff that would surely bring you back to your childhood. Dining here is like opening your Philippine history textbook, only better. I just felt a little sad that although the restaurant has its own charm, it's not well-lighted enough to make you feel that "history vibe" that it was supposed to make one feel. In fact, my friends and I would've missed it if we hadn't asked around on that part in Glorietta. The only thing that will make you remember where Dekada is located would probably be because it's the rightmost restaurant on the bridgeway going to Landmark from Glorietta Mall. I hope they could use a brighter signage outside their restaurant that will make the restaurant easier to find/locate. 

We were served with Agustino Bagoong Rice (Php328)--Grilled Liempo, Green Mango Slices and Scrambled Eggs.  The rice was supposedly good except for the grilled liempo. Sadly, the pork liempo was not tender enough, it had some resistance. In fact, it felt like we were chewing on some bubble gum. 

But all these were compensated by their array of beverages. We ended up choosing Marcos (Bottomless Dalandan Juice Php98), Aquino (Bottomless Mango Juice Php98) and my Cardinal Sin (Watermelon Shake for Pho128). The juices and the fresh fruit shake were so refreshing and they were perfect for the humid weather. 

Then, we had Aguinaldo (Twice Cooked Adobo, Php389). This time, the beef was really tender and juicy and I liked its rich garlicky flavor. The meat was fork tender and instantly separates from its bones. 

Up next was the Yamashita (Sinigang na Sugpo sa Kamias, Php389). I love anything sour especially the ones cooked with Kamias. Although I know that using Kamias in cooking dishes may tend to give the dish a rather bitter aftertaste, I am happy with Dekada Historic Filipino's take on the classic Sinigang sa Kamias favorite. Piping hot Sinigang sa Kamias was indeed a comfort food for me, yes, even on a humid afternoon. However, since for some people, Kamias is an "acquired taste",  my two companions found the dish a bit strange since they're both used in Tamarind (sampalok) based Sinigang.

Then, we've also had Gomburza (Ox-Tail and Tripe Kare-kare, Php348). It was good and delicious although my companions and I found the peanut buttery sauce a bit too watery. As far as I know (I do not claim to be an expert, but based on experience on eating and with my family's Kare-kare recipe), Kare-kare's peanut sauce must be on the creamy side with bits of grounded nuts in its orange/brownish sauce. Dekada Historic Filipino's kare-kare would've been okay except for the 'watery' sauce. 

To cap off our meal, we've had an order of Puto Bumbong, that purplish sticky rice which I truly love! Dekada's Puto Bumbong with cheese for four pieces per order is at Php148. It's served with Muscovado sugar, cheese, and freshly grated coconut. Among all the dishes we've had this is the one I had truly enjoyed. Although it was served a bit tad cold. I still loved it to bits. Maybe, it just had gotten cold because of the restaurant's air conditioning system. But if it was served warm, it would have been better. Then maybe, we would have appreciated it more. 

Overall, I think Dekada Historic Filipino Cuisine would still have a lot to improve on their menu, restaurant lighting and signage as well as genuine Filipino service. The wait staff that served us couldn't even bother to smile at us when she asked for our choice of drinks. It wouldn't hurt to smile or greet us as a way of welcome or say thank you, but we heard none of these from anyone of their wait staff. One of my companions ordered bottomless mango juice. And on her second round of juice, the wait staff had given her dalandan juice instead. I would've understood his confusion if there were a lot of guests and dine-in customers  or if it was peak hours at that time of our visit. But there were only us and a couple from the other table. How can you forget an order if tere were only five kinds of drink that you have to remember? And the wait staff didn't even said sorry. Honestly, I was a bit disappointed about this restaurant knowing fully well that this is from the same team/company behind renowned restaurants like Akira, Banzai and Sumo Sam. I was kind of expecting that they'd be giving the same good customer service and delicious foods/meals that this group had been known for. I vow to give Dekada Historic Filipino Historic Cuisine another chance. I'd try to come back one of these days. Perhaps I should try their other branch (Fairview Terraces Mall) and check out the other items on their menu. Who knows I maybe able to find something I'd like and enjoy. 

Address: Second Lower Floor, Glorietta 3 Glorietta Complex, Makati City, Philippines
Telephone: 02 842-0131 
Operating hours: 
10:00AM-9:00PM (Mon-Thurs)
10:00AM-10:00 PM (Fri-Sun)

Disclaimer: I am not compensated for this post. Opinions expressed are 100% my own. 


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