Saturday, June 8, 2013


Those looking for a quick dinner or some cravings for a late night munch would certainly love Wrap Battle, the home of mouth-watering and tasty 9" wraps. Its enthusiastic owner, Mr. Paul Wenceslao thought of starting this business while eating inside another food market. He saw the warm reception from the people and thought he could also do the same thing. And for someone who had never cooked in his entire life (but loves to eat), he sought the help of their housemaid just so he could learn the basics. Eventually, he's determined to make the business work even without any business partner, Mr. Paul Wenceslao got himself some proper and professional training. He went to AICA. His dedication eventually paid off, Wrap Battle's been receiving lots of positive responses from Cucina Andare fans and loyal followers.

Wrap Battle's Beef Nacho Wrap
Wrap Battle's Chicken Pesto Wrap

Wrap Battle's Main Menu

Paul Wenceslao, Wrap Battle's main guy

Paul Wenceslao digs into action while making his specialty wraps.

Wanna take a bite into these awesome goodies?
Wrap Battle's menu standouts includes his personal favorite, Chicken Pesto Wrap (which includes specially made pesto paste, chicken strips smothered with rich sour cream and potato strings in a wrap), Beef Nacho Wrap (generous ground beef, fresh greens and chili buttery flavored cheesy sauce topped with a nacho wrap, and for the conventional ones, Bacon and Eggs Wrap.

For a playful and flavorful take on wraps, stop by Wrap Battle. Those with giant appetites are sure to get their fill with these awesome wraps.

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Anonymous said...

Well, I have tried the beef nacho wrap last Thursday at Cucina Andare and I think it's way too pricy for something that's too salty. Overall, I think I have wasted my P100 over that food. Indeed it's a heavy meal, but the main reason why you will not be able to finish the meal is because it's not delicious at all.

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