Friday, June 7, 2013


 They say that an ideal way to consume spaghetti is to whirl it around a fork until, ‘pin’ the ends with a slice of fresh tomato, and savor its taste. But with Abhie’s Kitchen—the ideal way to eat pasta is to have it your own way.  Abhie’s Kitchen is one of the many food stalls found at Cucina Andare. What probably sets Abhie’s Kitchen apart from all the other food stalls is the fact that you can make pasta dishes made according to your preference.

Mompreneur Abigail Sanga

Ms. Abigail Sanga, Abhie's Kitchen owner
 Certified Mompreneur Abigail Sanga who owns Abhie’s Kitchen says that the idea of her business was inspired by her desire to please kids with her pasta dish, thus Abhie’s Kitchen was born. “Kids as we all know can be very picky when it comes to food. And since they love spaghetti, I decided to create a business out of it” says Ms. Abhie. True enough, with Abhie’s Kitchen, you can choose your base first. Choose from penne, fusili or the usual spaghetti pasta. Then, pick your own sauce: Abhie’s white sauce, creamy garlic sauce or the bestseller, four-cheese sauce. Finally, select your add-ons; you can smother your pasta with generous ham, bacon, etc.
Abhie's Kitchen Fusili pasta

Abhies Kitchen Penne Pasta
Abhie's Kitchen White Sauced Spaghetti

For finicky eaters, Abhie’s Kitchen’s truly the one for you. For Php130 per order, you’re sure to fill your stomach with such carbo loads.

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