Monday, June 10, 2013


With its irresistible combination of sinfully crunchy and tasty belly, Crunchy Belly by Carlos Kitchen tops the list of the must-visit kiosks at Cucina Andare. Well-known for its golden caramel colored crispy pork bellies, Crunchy Belly is deep-fried to perfection infused with spices to achieve that beautiful color, flavorful and amazing crunch. According to its owner, Ms. Kat Reatazo, their family loves to eat pork and they thought of crunchy belly since it’ll surely standout among all the other products in a food market.  “It’s our version of bacon, crispy pata and bagnet,” says Ms. Kat. And they were totally right based on the warm and positive feedbacks from their customers.

Crunchy Belly owner Ms. Kat Reatazo.

With Crunchy Belly, all you need is a heaping of rice and you’re in for a great and satisfying meal. A word of caution though, Crunchy Belly is heart-stopping good and sinfully addicting. Not ideal for those suffering from high blood and hypertensions. But if you happen to have an affinity for crunch and salty pork, then you’ll certainly love and find bliss with Crunchy Belly. Sure, your cholesterol level may skyrocket, but your tummy will definitely be satisfied after having devoured several servings.

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