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The Wholesome Table Estancia Branch introduces healthy bowls and new dishes

The Wholesome Table Estancia

When Bianca Araneta-Elizalde decided put up The WholesomeTable several years back, she only had one thing in mind: to introduce the Filipino palate to healthy yet deliciously good food (she does this by incorporating organic nutritious superfoods) to become more enticing and exciting. She had no idea it would revolutionize the way diners regard and appreciate healthy and nutritious organic food. Thus, the restaurant was born out of her desire to nourish and restore the body's healthy state in order to optimize wellness and good health. 
Bianca Araneta-Elizalde, The Wholesome Table's owner
The Wholesome Table was such a hit that a few years after they opened their first branch at the Bonifacio High Street, they had opened two more branches, one in Salcedo, Makati while the other one is at Estancia Mall in Pasig City. 

Be Dreamy Smoothie (P240)
I’ve been to The Wholesome Table a couple of times and if I had my way, I wish they’d have a branch more accessible to me (I’m a Northern girl and the nearest branch is Estancia). One thing I love about The Wholesome Table, I’d like to note that each dish was meticulously made from scratch and sourced their organic needs locally (therefore helping farmers and other hardworking locals in the provinces). They are served and plated really nice. In fact, some of their dishes are so good to look at and so Instagram-worthy that one may forget they are prepared for you to consume. 
Be Gorgeous Smoothie made of Berries and banana (P360)
Truffle Mushroom pasta (P440)
If you’ll ask me, The Wholesome Table actually sort of broke the glass ceiling in my opinion because anything healthy, nutritious and considered as organic would usually be perceived as bland foods. Soon, I’m no longer surprised that other restaurants of the same target market followed suit. All of a sudden, restos around the metro included something organic and healthy in their menu. Who would've thought that something healthy, organic and nutritious can also tastes good?

A bowl of Fresh Chicken Salads (P480)
While you're there, don't forget to order their Fresh Chicken Salad and wolf them down with either a Dreamy or Be Gorgeous Smoothie. They're so good, you'll find yourself coming back for more.
Spinach and cheese dip-Vegan Cheese (P220)
But then again, nothing comes close to the original. Copycats just couldn’t replicate the flavour and textures of The Wholesome Table’s dishes. While the menu is constantly improved with the introduction of their filling bowl meals such as Gyudon, Yakitori and Bibimbap bowls aside from the early favourite staple Enlightened Bowl—the bowls have their distinctive Asian influences that are not only interesting but delish as well. The bowls are huge, may even pass for sharing. But if you’ve got a hefty appetite, you will surely enjoy it.

They have also developed vegetable sticks (perfect for those in strict diets) with a choice of different dips such as Guacamole, Hummus and Vegan Cheese. And by the way, make sure to order their Mushroom Truffle pasta. I’ve tasted a couple of pasta with truffles but this one isn’t that overwhelming. I highly recommend it especially if you're a pasta lover. 

Veggies with dips Guacamole (Vegetable Crudites) (P230)
The Wholesome Table’s amiable chef Jay Rollan lets us sample two of his latest pizza flavours: Harvest Pizza which is perfect for kids because even if it has squash (yes it has squash! I kid you not!) and kale, it tastes great. The kids who do not like veggies will not even notice the vegetables on it. But I love his take on Grilled Chicken Curry Pizza. I was surprised it had some sweet after taste. And it’s not also overpowering considering it uses curry. Even if you’re not a curry fan, you will love this, I assure you. 
Healthy Harvest Pizza with Kale on top and squash (P690)

Who says pizza cannot be nutritious? Try this Chicken Grilled Curry Pizza (P690)
Don’t leave the resto without ordering their Gluten Yoghurt Pancake Waffles. The coco vanilla butter is sooo good, you can eat it alone and if only I’m allowed to bring a bottle home, I swear I would! That’s how good it is. 
Gluten Yoghurt Pancake waffles with coco vanilla butter and strawberries (P410)
The Wholesome Table's take on Korean's favorite Bibimbap Bowl (P360)
The Wholesome Table's Japanese Yakitori Bowl with Chicken Skin (P320)

The Wholesome Table's Gyudon Rice Bowl (P380)

Miso Glazed  Salmon in Organic Brown Rice (P590)
Marinated Lamb Adobo with Side Salad and eggs on garlic rice (P750)
They also have three new dessert offerings. They have this dessert made of sticky rice. It’s parang bibingka na hindi.  (It’s like rice cake but it’s not.) It’s topped with superfoods so they’re made even healthier.
Chia Pudding as desserts (P260)
“Don’t worry if you have allergies on certain foods. Just let us know. At The Wholesome Table, vegetarian diners are also very much welcome and they can tweak the food according to your liking. Unlike in other restaurants, our staff are used to it. Sometimes guests would ask for special requests and we’re all happy to do them for you,” enthuses Ms. Bianca. 

Acai Berries Bowl with Superfoods (P490)
As a consumer and foodie, I’m happy that there’s The Wholesome Table where I can try to eat healthy without having to sacrifice on the taste. It’s nice to know that there’s a place that serves organic and healthy food so you can eat to your heart’s content without the guilt. 


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