Saturday, June 11, 2016

Jack 'n Jill introduces exciting new chips

Jack 'n Jill's Ripples in Sour Cream and Onion flavors, Spicy Pizza Potato and Japanese Nori flavors

Prep up for a different snacking experience as Jack 'n Jill launches unique and exciting flavors of chips with the release of two Calbee Ripples in Sour Cream and Japanese Nori flavors and Spicy Pizza Potato. Brace yourselves and make your tastebuds ready for once you start munching on these chips, it's quite difficult to stop. 

Calbee Spicy Potato Pizza Flavored Chips

The Spicy Pizza Potato gives your tastebuds one rollercoaster ride. Topped with the goodness of real melted cheese with that extra kick of spicyness on a pizza flavored chips, it'll surely make you want to ask for more. 

Calbee Japanese Nori flavored chips

Jack n' Jill Calbee Ripples on the other hand are made of high grade wavy-cut potato chips in available in classic Sour Cream and Onion flavor and Japanese Nori (Seaweed). Being a huge fan of Sour Cream, Calbee's Ripples are the best! You won't be needing a dip for your chips because it's packed and loaded with the flavors that you've been looking for your favorite potato chips. As a self-confessed potato chips fan, munching on these chips alone is your perfect date companion for some movie marathon at home. 

Calbee Ripples Sour Cream and Onion  Potato Chips

Jack 'n Jill has gained its loyal following since time immemorial and with the coming of Calbee and Jagabee Potato Fries, fans just couldn't get enough of its real crunchy goodness in convenient pouches and cups. Available in Cheese, Classic Salted and Garlic Flavors, they're bound to change the way you eat your chips.

With Jack 'n Jill Calbee around, we're all able to satisfy our cravings for innovative flavors and treats only Universal Robina Corporation snacks can fulfill.

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