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Island Cove's Sangley Point and Fishing Village Restaurants Food Review

Like sunsets, life at the resort is over before you know it. While packing your bags after living a life of reckless abandon during a long weekend, you dread the thought of heading back to Manila where work is waiting to zap your energy all over again. Somehow your short vacation has put your life back together, but the point of no return is somehow tearing you apart.

I recently revisited Island Cove and Leisure Park in the hope to balance out work and play. Thankfully, Island Cove gave me a respite from work, what with the beautiful island cove engulfing me that reminds me of paradise momentarily.

I won’t talk much about what Island Cove resort has to offer here as I do have another blog post for that. Since this is my food blog, allow me to share with you my gastronomic journey on the island instead.

Daing na Bangus with salted eggs and tomatoes with rice
Fried chicken with rice, salted eggs and tomatoes an onions with banana fritters

Believing in honest-to-goodness premium ingredients, expect a meal at Island Cove’s Sangley Point to always be a pleasurable experience. The menu consists of dishes that astounded guests from its taste, smell, texture, and presentation, all aspects of a dish are created to take diners on a gastronomic journey. Not limited to mouthwatering dishes that has made it popular through the years, Sangley Point has seamlessly branched out to offer delicious and hearty servings of other Filipino favourites wrapped in banana leaves. 

Island Cove's Head Chef Vill Purificacion
When it is fiery passion that fuels one chef and his kitchen crew to do what they do best, only great things happen. Chef Vill Purificacion is the head chef at Island Cove Leisure Park and Hotel. Chef Vill knows exactly where he speaks of having experienced working for an international cruise ships as a former OFW. He's youngest daughter, Anne is incidentally, also a blogger. 

Crispy up to the last bite: Island Cove Sangley Point's Lechon

One look at a plate of Island Cove’s ribs and you know this is a dish that calls for a hearty appetite. They serve half-pound rack of smoked ribs, a generous pile of rice and your choice of sauce.  It is cooked “Southern Style” dry-rubbed and basted in their signature sauce. The result? Melt-in-your-mouth ribs. The flavours are all there, though you might miss the fun of tearing the meat off the bones. 

Delectable baby back ribs is their sweet ad hickory flavours of spareribs. The meat melts in one’s mouth (not sinewy) and it takes one bite for the mild and distinct aroma of hickory and charred meat to pierce your nostrils. A healthier alternative would be their Soy Chicken, it’ll surely please even the most discriminating palate. There’s just something so down-to-earth about ribs. It could be the sweet and tangy flavours that evoke memories of backyard barbecues—or maybe the urge to tear at a slab with your bare hands. Preparing the perfect ribs needs time. It requires absolute tenderness paired with the right marinating sauce and seasoning. Smoked ribs are even tougher to get the best blend. They’re meticulously cooked for hours in a smoker until the meat is effortlessly tender and the profile of the wood has seeped into its sinews.
Sangley Point's equally yummy Barbecue Skewers with buttered corn on the side.
Soyed Chicken with buttered corn and mashed potatoes.
I can only say the same thing for their barbecue skewers. They're damn so good you'll keep coming back for more and then th next thing, you'll realize, you've finished them all! 
A good slab of hickory flavored Baby Back Ribs

Fish and chips is also a must-try

With a vairety of sauces and dips to choose from, made specifically for Sangley Point
My all-time favorite and I highly recommed Chef Vill's Angel Hair Pomodoro pasta!

Island Cove's Fishing Village

Serving a wide variety of items from appetizers to soups, main dishes to grilled items, choice meats and seafood complemented with a selection of desserts coupled with specialty drinks, Island Cove’s The Fishing Village offers a fresh take on Filipino dishes. Dining on nipa huts above the water is a delightful experience for most guests especially the foreign visitors.

The Fishing Village gives one a view of the Metro Manila with the provincial feel.

Diners may indulge in Fishing Village’s unique desserts which combines the sweetness of ice cream and banana fritters.  The centrepiece of this awesome Filipino meal would be their sungka appetizers. The dish appeals both to local and foreign guests. It has all your favourite street foods such as kwek-kwek (orange breaded quail eggs), tokneneng, salted eggs, kinilaw na tanigue (ceviche), adobong mani, fish balls, calamares, dilis, chicharon bulaklak, kropek, among many others. It’s perfect as an appetizer or as pulutan while drinking a can of beer. 

The famous appetizer sungka is a must-try.

A boat filled with your favorite condiments

Ube Ice cream scoops with Banana Fritters

Caramelized Sweet Potato Skewers and Ube Ice cream

Banana Flat Maruya with Uba and Macapuno

Mais con Hielo (Corn kernels and ice shavings)

Island Cove's Halo-Halo

Fresh buko juice

Pancit Bihon

Pancit Luglog Palabok style

Arroz Caldo

Island Cove Hotel and Leisure Park aims to provide their guests and customers alike with a place to experience the best food that they have to offer while maintaining an intimate and private setting. Indeed, its location in Covelandia Drive, Binakayan keeps it conveniently accessible to every guests while also being distant enough from all the hustle and bustle of Metro Manila. 

Island Cove and Leisure Park is located at Binakayan, Kawit Cavite. It’s accessible by 15 minutes from SM Mall of Asia in Pasay City. For more information, log on to Call (046) 434-0210. 


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