Friday, June 24, 2016

Alley 8 Sizzling House: Great Eats in Project 4

Alley 8 Sizzling House in Project 4 is a great place for chilling out + great affordable food
Sometimes I forget how agonizing it is to create a food review. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining. But it actually involves both passion and fuel for my creak writing machinery to work. And being a diabetic, I need to control my food intake + the sugar (read: carbs) I eat in order to manage my condition. But then, when good friend invites you to a place his brother co-owns and manages, how could I say no?  I couldn’t simply resist such combination of having a good conversation with a long lost dear friend, Bernard (FYI: He was a grade school classmate of mine.) + good food? It’s quite ironic that for someone who has lived practically more than 3 decades of her life in Project 4, I’m not that fully aware of the several great food finds in my area. Alley 8 Sizzling House located in Alimudin Street in Project 4 is perfect for hungry friends who want to eat good dinner meals or for folks who simply wanted to have fun, chill and catch up on each other. 

Why do I love it? And why the hell will I recommend it? Put simply, it’s quite difficult to choose among the variety of sizzling choices on their menu. We haven’t ordered anything yet that didn’t tickle our fancy. Either we’ve been lucky with our picks, or every dish is really a standout. Believe it or not, but I am not being biased here. This isn't a sponsored post to begin with. 

Alley 8 Sizzling House's Sizzling Squid Platter

Crispylicious Huge Pork Sipa with Sweet and Sour Chili Sauce
 Bestsellers: Don’t miss out their Crispy Flying Tilapia with Ensaladang Mangga Salad, it might take a while before your order comes as they only cook upon order, but let me tell you, it’s so worth the long wait especially with this particular dish. The Pork Sipa with Chili Sauce is also really good and surprisingly huge in size! Seasoned ground pork wrapped in what seemed like huge wanton wrapper and deep fried to perfection. And although I don’t drink alcohol, I could imagine it goes well best when paired with a glass of cold beer in hand. You can also try their Sisig (they’ve got Tuna, Bangus, Chicken and Pork variety), they taste delish as well.
Best selling Crispy Flying Tilapia with Ensaladang Mangga and Bagoong will make your trip to Alley 8 worth it

The sweet yet tangy Sizzling squid platter and their Aloha Chicken are also a must-try. For carb-loading, you’d be happy to know that for an additional Php 5.00 (yes, that’s how affordable it is!), you’ll go unlimited on rice in every meal. How’s that, right? I guess this is the best part, you’re getting what you’ve paid for because meals aren’t only yummy but they do not burn holes on your pocket. Prices are budget and student-friendly.  “We try to make sure that Alley 8 Sizzling House’s prices remain affordable yet we don’t want to scrimp on ingredients unless we want the food quality to suffer. Of course, we don’t want that to happen,” says my good friend, Bernard Silos, who’s an entrepreneur and travel blogger.

Alley 8's Sizzling Beef Mechado
 Our eyes shut in pure bliss when we bit into their Crispy Flying Tilapia with Ensaladang Mangga.  It was an affair with deep fried tilapia with all-time favourite mango bits and the goodness of sweet and salty shrimp bagoong. I promise, you’ll be craving for more. This dish is enough to keep you coming back for more.
Alley 8's Sizzling Liempo

The lowdown: Okay, since Ally 8 Sizzling House is only on its soft opening and it’s basically just your hole-in-the-wall neighbourhood type of eatery, Bernard’s brother tenders the kitchen and is a one man chef while his wife minds the order and the customer, service is quite slow because foods are cooked only upon order, so customers really had to wait. But rest assured, your wait will be worth it. Quoting one loyal customer I’ve interviewed, “Food here at Alley 8 Sizzling House is really good and very affordable. Their meals are filling and in huge sizes. They’re cooked and served with love kaya masarap balik-balikan.”(Foods are cooked and served with love that’s why you’ll keep coming back for more).
Crispy Chicken Tenders in generous mushroom gravy

My dear friend Bernard Silos and Purple Plum Fairy

Bernard’s brother as well as the people behind Alley 8 Sizzling House understands that the way to a customer’s heart is much like cooking itself—a test of mixing ingredients together until they finally make sense. There’s no magic hour, no shortcut to success. With parcels of wisdom + serving good quality meals done with TLC and a good customer service, there’s no way to go for this small sizzling house but up.  I won’t be surprised if one day, Alley 8 would be able to introduce more tummy-filling delish meals or who knows, they might just open a new branch somewhere?

So my final verdict? When the food’s this good, you’re allowed to bite more than you can chew.   

Come and visit Alley 8 Sizzling House, located at #8 Alimudin Street, Project 4, Quezon City. Call  0906 398 0676 for inquiries and table reservations. Operating hours is from 6:00PM onwards. Like and visit them on Facebook.

Note: Seats are limited. So if you’re coming for dinner, make sure to come early. Parking space is available upon request.

Disclaimer: I am not compensated for this post. Opinions expressed are 100% my own.    


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