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Mazza Shawarma is located in Hampton Gardens Arcade

You wouldn’t think much of it at first, given the fact of its seclusion from the usual kiosk or mall stalls around the Metro, but Mazza Shawarma stands out on its own at the Hampton Gardens Arcade along C. Raymundo Avenue in Maybunga, Pasig City. And I’d have to say, you really need to try out the foods they serve and dine here in order to understand what makes it a standout and different from the rest. 

At Mazza Shawarma, Eight inches Shawarma goodies filled with real bite-sized beef and vegetables.

There was a time when shawarma had become sort of a fad among Filipinos. It was in the late ‘90s, shawarma stands seemed to have sprouted like mushrooms—that anywhere you go, you’re most likely to see a shawarma stand. But as expected, the shawarma crazed had long died down, especially since most shawarma stalls used thinly sliced marinated Carabao meat or locally known as “cara-beef” instead of the real beef. Cara-beef isn’t really a good beef alternative because it tastes like some kind of rubber band—not really chewy. I must have lost my interest in eating shawarma a long time ago. Well, that’s what I thought, until I came across something as good as Mazza Shawarma! 

Okay, so what makes Mazza Shawarma different? Forgive me for raving so much about our latest food discovery.  Unlike the other kiosk-style shawarma from the malls, Mazza Shawarma does not scrimp on ingredients, they use high-quality bite-sized beef and on each bite, one could easily identify and enjoy the bursts of flavors and spices, thus making your Persian dining experience a memorable one. 
Keema at Mazza Shawarma

The Keema goes well with either rice or pita bread. It is pretty addicting, so I am now giving you some kind of warning. The kebab regardless if it’s grilled chicken or beef is also a great meal. What I like about it, it’s grilled just right, not too burnt or overcooked. Plus, there are more choices to choose from on their menu. I even saw ice cream pita bread sandwich! I’d like to try that one on my next visit. 

Beef Kebab at Mazza Shawarma are grilled just right.

The owners, Mr. Aris Carino and Ms. Karen Dulay, both culinary graduates of Center for Culinary Arts created their own shawarma recipe as well as their special garlic sauce. It had that sweet, garlicky flavor in its every drop. The beef aren’t too thin either—they were bite sized and the good news, I don’t know how they do it, but it doesn’t leave any of that strong pungent after taste like most shawarma recipes do. So you could actually bring your date at Mazza Shawarma and eat your fave Persian food without thinking about how your breath smells like and if you’re lucky, still get to a goodnight’s kiss later. How’s that for a real treat, right?

Chicken Kebabs for the health-conscious.

Bloggers enjoy the pita dip and all the yummy delish goodies at Mazza Shawarma.

As with most Persian restaurants, they also offer other yummy treats such as Keema, grilled Beef and chicken kebab, pita pie with garlic dip, hummus and jalapeno infused hummus dip, grilled barbecue chicken, and my favorite—their mouthwatering 11 inches Shawarma Pizza! It tastes like my favorite pita pie, only bigger and good for four persons at an affordable price of P135.  It has bite-sized beef toppings generously spread on the crust. It’s crispy on the sides, crunchy (it had strips of cabbage on top), and oh-so-yummy cheesy with the garlicky sauce all over it! As I write this down I could feel myself salivating…I’d definitely come back to Mazza Shawarma. I just wish the cabbages on top will be covered again with more cheese before it’s put on the oven so that it won’t have to fall each time you take a bite. OMG! I’ve been raving about this shawarma pizza for days now! My blogger friends who also had a taste of this pizza had been tweeting on Twitter how much they miss this pizza, that’s how good it really is!

This is everyone's favorite crunchy, crispy and tasty eleven inches Shawarma Pizza!

Jalapeno hummus dip and garlic dip goes well with these pita breads for a perfect snack. 

Mazza Shawarma owner Ms. Karen Dulay, bloggers Aylin Vedad, Marco Demo, Rain De Ocampo and the author.

Oh, my, I wish I had all the space so I could further elaborate why you guys should come and visit this place, but perhaps you should visit the place yourselves and discover what makes it different.
By the way, Mazza Shawarma has free Wi-Fi for dining customers (great for bloggers like me.) and it has a flat-screened television too.
Be sure to come early as this place gets quite packed in the late afternoon to evening, the restaurant can only accommodate 28 people per turnover (that includes 9 people seated outside in the smoking area). Mazza Shawarma also offers take-out and delivery (only for nearby areas) aside from dine-in.

Come and visit Mazza Shawarma. I assure you it’s worth all the effort and the trip. I’d love to see this place expand in the next years to come. I’d like to help them spread the good news that there is such a lovely place in Pasig where people can find unbelievably delicious and affordable Persian food.

Security Blanket thanks Mazza Shawarma owners Mr. Aris Carino and Ms. Karen Dulay, the friendly staff of Mazza Shawarma and Mr. Marco Polo Demo.

Mazza Shawarma is located in Unit 2 Hampton Gardens Arcade, C. Raymundo Avenue, Brgy. Maybunga, Pasig City
Tel. Nos: (02) 404-9874
Operating hours: 11AM-10PM; Monday to Sunday
Like Mazza Shawarma on Facebook and follow them on Twitter @Mazzashawarma

Disclaimer: I am not compensated for this blog post. Opinions expressed are 100 % my own.


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