Sunday, June 17, 2012

Sebastian's Uniquely flavored Ice Cream

Sebastian's Sapin-Sapin and Taho flavored Ice Cream
I always say that I am not too fond of sweets—especially not with the Filipino delicacies. Please don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy our own delicacies such as rice cakes (biko, bibingka, suman) but I seldom eat them because they make my stomach full. They could be a meal’s replacement anytime. But have you guys ever heard of unusual ice cream flavors? I’m not referring to the liquor kind, but the ones that sell Filipino delicacies as its flavors. Yes, Mangga’t Suman (Mango and rice cake), Sapin-Sapin (colorful glutinous cake), another take on Filipino staple Taho (Soya) and even champorado (chocolate rice porridge) as its flavors!

Sebastian's Champorado Flavored Ice cream

I accidentally learned of Sebastian’s unique delicacy-flavored ice cream in an event hosted by held at COWO Asia in Ortigas several weeks ago. And I’d have to say I am quite impressed. It was the first time I heard of them and also the very first I tried on their ice cream. 

See these mini sago pearls on my spoon that comes with the Taho flavored ice cream?

Sebastian’s Sapin-sapin ice cream initially looked like Halo-halo because it’s really colorful.  But upon my first scoop, I knew right away that they perfectly got how the real sapin-sapin tastes like. Then, I tried on their champorado ice cream—it not only looks like a real champorado, it actually tastes like one—although a bit too dark for my taste. It had chunks of rice bits that are actually somewhat crispy, complementing its taste more for the added texture. The taho ice cream is a pretty good spin, imagine the goodness of real taho, frozen and added with mini sago pearls, it’s refreshing! But the most favored by all was the Mangga’t Suman—I guess it’s way too good because I was not able to get one. But friends could attest, it is to-die-for! It had that sweet and tangy of real mango and the sticky sweetness of suman. No wonder it had gone so fast during the said event.
Sebastian's Uniquely Flavored Delicacy Ice Cream goes well while making your blog. 

My verdict: If you’re a big fan of Filipino delicacies, this one’s really for you. But if you are simply curious on how it tastes like, I suggest that you share a scoop with a friend because after sometime, there’s a possibility that one gets to become “umay” or “sawa”, (read: you might not be able to finish eating this ice cream by yourself), either because of the huge serving or the stuff this ice cream is made from. Anyhow, Sebastian did a good spin on our Filipino delicacy favorite by creating unique ice cream flavors.
If you’d want to try these yummy ice cream treats from Sebastian’s, get yours at only Php100 per scoop at their kiosk branches in The Podium, Ortigas and at the SM North EDSA.

Disclaimer: I am not compensated for this post. Opinions expressed are 100% my own. 


violy said...

wow interesting! I don't have a sweet tooth too, rarely eat ice cream or even chocolates but I have them every now and then. But would love to try this, champorado flavor pls for me. ;)

Franc Ramon said...

I want to try this unique flavors. Sapin sapin, champorado and manga at suman.

Tim said...

Too bad I'm too far away (Cebu). Hope they'll open a branch here soon. I'm sure Cebuanos will love it!

Sumi Go said...

Sebastian's has been one of my favorite ice cream shops! :D Just love how unique and innovative their ice cream flavors are. Try their oldie but goodie flavors too like the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, Mango Sansrival and Blueberry Cheesecake.. :) They're so yummy!

Anyway, just sharing my post about Sebastian's from last year.

Joy Calipes-Felizardo said...

oohh! I love ice cream, and I would always go for kakanins. This is making me a curious, will definitely visit Sebastian's at MOA within this week!

Unknown said...

wow. taho flavored ice cream. might try that soon :)

jared's mum said...

wow, those are really unique-flavored ice cream + i have not tried any of those! i would love to sample the taho + sapin-sapin varieties! :)

Rossel said...

I saw Sebastian's on tv. we have some good ice cream but these flavors from Sebastian's are interesting.

Lizzie-Make Money Online said...

So unique! I would like to try he champorado flavor!

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