Thursday, June 14, 2012

Chowking's Chow Pao Food Review

Chowking's Chow Pao wrapped in burger-like wrapper.

If you like Mantao (those white soft buns in Siopao), you will definitely love this new addition to Chowking's Menu called Chow Pao. It comes in different fillings, other variety actually goes with real sliced vegetables inside to complement the taste. Think of eating your usual favorite Chowking meal without rice and instead fill the viands in a mantao bread or bun + put some Asado sauce on them--that's it, you get exactly how Chowking's Chow Pao tastes like. 

 The good news is that this meal is truly affordable at a price starting at P25 and up, the price actually depends on the filling. But if you're content with Chowking's mini sausages just as I did, then P25 is all you need to get a bite of this Chow Pao. The minute it arrived on our table, I thought I was in a hamburger joint--because the packaging looked like a burger I loved to order in another fast food joint. And upon opening what's inside, voila! I was surprised with the CK name that was sort of "embossed" on the toasted mantao bun itself. Is it CK as in Calvin Klein? Nah, it's Chowking, remember? Oh, I almost forgot because it had taken quite sometime before my Chow Pao had arrived. I was starving because it's way past lunch time. So when it had finally arrived, I took a big bite right away.

The CK bun
Mantao bun with sausages and asado sauce.

It turned out that  what I had ordered was just an ordinary sausage (yes, the one that Chowking serves during breakfast on their almuchow meals!) filling with some Asado sauce on them. I had to ask for a few more asado sauce just so it would not be so dry and I could further enjoy my meal.  My verdict? It's a pretty decent meal or baon, and although Chowking actually recommends this Chow Pao for a movie snack--I totally disagree with it. Why? It would not be nice to see Asado sauce on your shirt after seeing a film, right? And if you order the ones that include veggies as its filling, it's like having tacos as movie snack, where as you watch the film, loads of veggies would literally fall as you eat. 

So again, if you're into mantao breads and you enjoy breakfast meals, this Chowking Chow Pao is your best bet. 


Tetcha said...

Something new, affordable and delicious. This Chow Pao is a must-try!

Vance Madrid said...

thanks for visiting my food blog and for leaving a comment Tetcha. I really appreciate it. I do hope you could enjoy Chowking's Chow Pao like I did. :)

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