Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Mr. Kimbob's Budget-friendly Korean Meal at SM Megamall Foodcourt

If you guys are searching for the cheapest Korean meal in this side of town (in between on North and South actually),  then Mr. Kimbob is the perfect place for you. Located at the ground floor of SM Megamall Food Court, Mr. Kimbob offers a variety of Korean specialty at an affordable price. Starting off at Php 69 (VAT inclusive), this plate consists of the following: four Japanese Nori wrap rice sushi-like rolls with vegetables slices, a small serving of Korean's spicy starch treat (I'm sorry I forgot what it's called) and Korean's favorite Chapchae noodles. Although this meal does not come with a drink (but it should, given the fact how spicy the red sauced starchy treat was), it is already filling and it's really tasty. You should give this Korean meal a try especially on a rainy day. 

There's more to explore at Mr. Kimbob in SM Megamall Foodcourt. The only thing i hate about this store was the cashier. I wish she could be a little friendly to her customers. I had been going to this Korean kiosk twice, but during those times, it's as if her smile was worth a million that she couldn't give me one. If the owner of Mr. Kimbob would read this, please hire someone else if the lady at the cashier can't even afford to smile at her customers. i wonder what was wrong with her...

Well, still, I admire Mr. Kimbob's food and will continue to do so despite of the not-so-friendly-cashier personnel that they had. So my advice, if you guys would like to try this food, make sure to have patience because that lady at the counter might not be so friendly.  It's a good thing that the food compensates well for the restaurants frontliner's attitude. 


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