Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Gardenia's New Pandesal Pack

Eating Pandesal (Philippine Dinner Rolls) for breakfast is a staple among Filipinos. Waking up with the unmistakably aroma of fresh pandesal bread perks us up in the morning. We all have our style when it comes with eating pandesal, some like to dip and literally dunk their breads in hot cup of coffee or chocolate drink, others would prefer it without any filling (palaman) at all. Freshly baked pandesal reminds me of my childhood when I would fill them with condensed milk.  The thrill starts when the thick milk starts to ooze down from the bread and it’s up to you to catch and lick it before it spills on the floor. Such simple delicious morning treat indeed. 

Three decades and two years later later, I know how to make my own bread from scratch since I am a certified pastry chef. I began to realize how difficult it is to make pandesal and I could see whether breads were made from good quality or was made from fresh ingredients. Among the breads in the country, it is pandesal that’s truly the most popular among Filipinos as it is an important part of our tradition and culture. 

Recognizing the need of Filipino consumers for high quality pandesal, Gardenia has made its own version of pandesal using world-class standards to ensure utmost quality in both taste and appearance.
Known for excellent bread quality, Gardenia’s Pandesal pack is a great way to start your day. You don’t need to go to the nearest bakery anymore to buy your pandesal because you can just store it on your cupboard. Once you opened the pack, it’s guaranteed fresh—you can smell its delicious freshness. The first bite is a pleasure enough. Once you experience its delectable taste the moment you sink in your teeth onto its crusty outside yet blissfully soft inside.
Another thing I like about Gardenia pandesal is that it could be eaten whether it’s hot or not. There’s no need to heat it and when you do, it doesn’t become as hard as a rock unlike ordinary pandesal bought from the bakery because Gardenia assure consumers that the pandesal will remain tasty. Filling and appetizing even after heating or re-heating it, just like the moment you bought it from the grocery store.

Fill it up with your favorite filling, spam, hotdog, peanut butter jelly, coconut jam, scrambled eggs, nutella, plain good butter or just by itself, Gardenia pandesal could be consumed anytime of the day since it stays fresh longer, making it a practical choice for consumers.
Mommies like us would also be glad to know that Gardenia Pandesal is packed with vitamins and minerals, making sure that every bite of Gardenia pandesal brings our kids health and nutritional needs. And just like other breads made by Gardenia, they observe strict quality control in the production of its bread products, giving consumers peace of mind.

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