Monday, April 25, 2011

Finding the best Takoyaki in town

Takoyaki kiosk at Market, Market.

I've been quite disappointed recently because the Takoyaki (literally meant fried or grilled octopus) balls which I loved as a kid was replaced by really small shrimps or veggies instead of the real thing. And the batter was not so good. I decided to make a little experiment and try takoyaki stalls in the metro and then decide on which is the best. I went even as far as Market, Market in Global City, Taguig.

Takoyaki in all its goodness.

Samurai takoyaki: Nothing beats the original.
I'd have to say that I did not bother to write about the other takoyaki stalls that I've tried in. The food they serve weren't worth mentioning so I decided to just write about the best two. Samurai takoyaki is still the best, hands down. It had octopus on its takoyaki balls and for P32.00 per order of four balls, it's good enough.  As for Okonomiyake's takoyaki, it is only P28.00 per order with three takoyaki balls. It had the perfect mixture of veggies and small shrimps. And they used dried seaweeds instead of the powder ones. But if i were to choose between the two, I'd definitely go for Samurai--it's one of the first ones that introduced takoyaki balls in the market. And I'm glad it's still around. 

So if you're craving for Japanese takoyaki balls, you now know where to go, right?


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