Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Cafe Arama's find: The Probiotic Dip

The facade of Arama Cafe's cozy resto in Serendra.

I have a confession to make. Okay, if the basis would be my weight, you would know that I am not really that health-conscious. I eat each time I feel like hungry and I indulge in food cravings once in a while. But there are also certain times when I’d want to go green and make my body happy with fresh fruits and veggies or salads. Sometimes I would enter a restaurant (even those signage and cuisines I did not understand0 due to mere curiosity. And ending up, enjoying a meal I never even thought I’d eat in my lifetime.
Such was the case at Arama Café in Serendra. I recently found myself in that area and figured out if I could try a dish or two. I looked at their menu and was surprised that I was inside a pro-organic/healthy meal café. I’ve ordered cassava chips with pro-biotic dip with a refreshing tea. The pro-biotic dip was made of yoghurt and other healthy ingredients. I was told it could also be a salad dressing aside from a chips dip. The first time I took a bite, my taste buds went crazy. I fell in love with the probiotic dip. It wasn’t as sour as I thought it would be since it’s made of yoghurt. It tasted heavenly and made the cassava chips I was eating as if it were potatoes. I could not properly explain the goodness of its taste. It had some cheesy, milky, creamy taste on its own. No need to worry, it doesn’t taste like Yakult. What’s more, I was told that they have fat-free versions of it that somehow tasted the same. Isn’t that perfect for those people concerned with their diet? Another good news is that you could take home a bottle of the probiotic dip for a little more than P200. That means, you could do stuff and experiment with a dish with the pro-biotic dip.

 Arama Café actually had a lot more to offer. They had different juice and teas (both hot and cold) to choose from. They also have healthy soups, pasta, desserts and sandwiches.  Try to taste the pro-biotic dip I’m talking about and taste for yourself.
Arama Café did not even know I’m a blogger and I’d be writing about their small and cozy café, but because I had truly enjoyed not only their food but also their friendly atmosphere, I’m writing about my experience at Arama. Too bad, Serendra is their only branch. I do hope they’ll get to branch out soon in Gateway Cubao.


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