Monday, April 25, 2011

Abuy's Taste of China: Chinese Fresh Lumpia and Hong ma rice

Abuy's taste of China's  small stall/kiosk at SM Cubao.

I've always been a fan of authentic Chinese food. I have been searching for fresh chinese lumpia (spring rolls) for the longest time now.  Although there are a lot of Chinese restaurants around the corner, I don't know but for some reason, they just couldn't get it right. I mean, the taste might be a little different. It's either it had too many veggies, the wrapper is not fresh or worse it doesn't have that sweet tangy sauce that perfectly compliments the lumpia itself. 

I had been searching and searching...until I came across this small stall at the basement of SM Cubao. It's quite easy to miss judging by the number of food kiosks and stores inside the basement. For P39.00, it's quite a steal considering that the average price of chinese lumpia in the market ranges from P45.00 to P55.00. 

Abuy's Chinese lumpia are done on the spot upon every order. You can choose if you would like to have some garlic or not. They even use seaweeds and some crunchy nuts to assure you of quality lumpia at an affordable price. While waiting for my lumpia, my Mom sampled their Hong ma rice. It is made of thin slices of tender, juicy pork with sweet star anise sauce that tasted like asado with brown rice. And they're really easy on the pocket too, for a measly P45.00, you have a deliciously satisfying meal. 

I wish they could have Abuy's Taste of China everywhere. They serve really affordable and delicious meals for Filipinos. The only downside is that you have to either take the food home or patiently stand while you munch on those yummy foodies. So far, I can assure you that aside from the Chinese resto-fine dining, Abuy's Taste of China is by far the best fresh Chinese lumpia and Hong ma rice in this side of town. And I'm not being paid for saying that...I simply love their lumpia. 

So if you're dropping by the Cubao area, try to grab a bite at Abuy's. Oh, by the way, I heard they also have branches in SM San Lazaro, Robinson's Place Manila, and SM Sta. Mesa. 


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