Monday, April 25, 2011

Chuoi Chien: Vietnamese Banana Chips

I could finish off the entire pack by myself.

I'm an adventurous eater. My aunt recently went to Vietnam and brought home loads of goodies such as this Cuc Mimh's Chuoi Chien--banana fritters chips with a dash of ginger. Yes, you're reading it right, it had ginger. In fact, the flavor was overpowering the sweetness of the banana chips, making it a unique snack. even non-ginger lovers will like this, for you will not see any hint of ginger on these chips as you munch on them, but you will savor its flavor and taste. 

I was a bit surprised that even kids at home loved it. I could even finish off an entire pack myself. The best thing about this snack, it's a healthier alternative to potato chips.  So while you're resting on the couch, it's better to grab a pack of Chuoi Chien rather than fries or an entire pack of potato chips. Think of the number the fact that you need to look good this summer at the beach....


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