Wednesday, June 17, 2015

McVities Digestive: The sweet biscuit with staying power

With more than 120 years of history and still counting, and after other digestive biscuits have come and gone, everyone can count on McVitie’s to stay and serve your favorite digestives. Its success definitely didn’t happen overnight, but thanks to Robert McVitie and his father William, we are now all enjoying a century- old recipe that has been trusted by millions of people around the world including the royals of United Kingdom.
The father-and-son tandem opened a bake shop in Rose Street, Edinburgh, which in time gave Robert all the honed skills and a reputation as one of the better bakers in the city. With that he was able to open more shops and expanded their business. From that point, he passed his family legacy to his sons and sent them to school to study bakery.
Robert McVitie Jr. continued with the family business and focused more on developing biscuits because it was more in demand during that era which was characterized by maritime explorations. It was also during that time that Charles Price joined the business, making the partnership McVitie & Price a household name in Edinburgh.
Not long after, Alexander Grant entered the picture and produced the first and original “Digestive” biscuit, the same original recipe that is still enjoyed today. The rest is as they say, is history.
Aside from being the United Kingdom’s favorite tea time snack, McVitie’s received the royal seal of approval in 1893 when the company was commissioned to bake the wedding cake of Queen Mary and King George V. From then on, McVitie’s has been part of British royal tradition by baking cakes and other sweets for their national festivities. And just recently, McVitie’s added another feather to its cap when it was commissioned to make Prince William and Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton’s chocolate biscuit bridegroom's cake.

The health benefit in McVitiie’s Original Digestives must have been also a big factor in its becoming a long time trusted household brand in many countries. Proper digestion and fiber rich food that flushes out toxins really do a lot of wonders to most people, keeping away sickness.
Other variants such as McVitie’s Wholewheat  Digestives offer a healthier option with more fiber which is mostly favored by health buffs and those who are in a fitness program. Milk Chocolate and Dark Chocolate Digestives are made for those with a sweet tooth in mind and let them enjoy the benefits of a healthy and sumptuous snack.
And compared to other biscuit snacks, McVitie’s has fewer calories and contains less fructose corn syrup. It was made even healthier without all the artificial ingredients, cholesterol, and transfats.  Each bite is packed with fiber which is very much needed to gain better health.
Now, with a variant for the young ones, McVitie’s Kids which has the biscuits shaped in their favorite cartoon characters, the digestive formula that has been enjoyed by many for centuries can now be enjoyed by everyone, no matter what age.
With all the rich history and rich goodness in every yummy bite from McVitie’s Digestives, what else is there to look for from a snack?  Simple – just look for the name “McVitie’s” on the label and you can’t go wrong.
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