Monday, June 22, 2015

Rockin’ Ribs Food Review: Truly a party inside your mouth

Owners of Rockin' Ribs Party  Ms. Miki Garcia-Ayalin who made the secret ribs recipe.

Imagine this scenario: Tender and juicy, fall-off-the-bones Rockin’ Ribs half-slab smothered with special secret sauce, a cup of rice and homemade mashed potatoes on your plate. Didn’t I just made you salivate while trying to imagine those yummy goodness? I know it had taken quite sometime before I was able to finally publish my food review for them. I guess I’ve been really busy lately but at least, I wasn’t able to forget how good Rockin’ Ribs tasted like. 

Now, don’t be deceived by its looks. It may look like it’s been burnt or overcooked. It just looks like that because it’s been slowly cooked for eight hours. Whether it’s a full rack of ribs or half-slab, Rockin’ Ribs is definitely one of the best tasting ribs I’ve ever nibbled my hands into. They also have a special barbecue sauce made with what tasted like Dr. Pepper and craft beer, but I loved it so much that I truly do not mind what the owner used as ingredients to her sauce but it tasted divine. True to its tagline, ‘It’s a party in your mouth.’ It does give some exercise to your palate. 

My verdict? Excellent taste and moistness for the ribs [be it a full rack or half-slab or even chicken barbecue] certainly great meat choices and rubs. The flavor was right on and for its price, you’re surely getting what you’ve paid for.  I had truly enjoyed eating Rockin Ribs’ half-slab because I am into anything spicy or peppery. Don’t get me wrong, the barbecue sauce wasn’t that spicy, I think even the kids would love it although I think Rockin Ribs should also create something milder or more on the sweet side for the really younger ones [6 and below] as these age may not yet appreciate having some kick on their slabs. 

You’ll know that they do not scrimp on their ingredients. The mashed potatoes with gravy that goes with it complements the flavors of the ribs. If only it wasn’t for lack of table manners and etiquette, if I could have, I would have licked the plate clean! The barbecue chicken were also good, but I was so busy concentrating and enjoying my grub! I guess my only wish was that I got more towellettes to get the sauce off my sticky fingers. 

Interested? Here's their pricelist along with details where you could find them:

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