Monday, April 16, 2012

Lucky Me Special: Curly Spaghetti Korean Style (BibimMyun)

I went to the grocery last week and I found a new Lucky Me Special item called Lucky Me Curly Spaghetti Korean Style or BibimMyun. This product had not yet been shown in commercial on national television, but I’ve always been a fan of Lucky Me products so I decided to give it a try. And just as always, I immediately bought it so that I could try it at home.

It’s just like any other instant spaghetti, except that this one had some kick of Korean flavor known for being spicy. It comes with dehydrated carrot bits and some seaweed that you need to boil together with the noodles in order to gain back its size.
If you’re a fan of Jjampong (Korean Seafood Spicy Noodles), you’ll definitely enjoy this new Lucky Me Special item because it’s almost the same except that the other one comes with a soup and this one had sauce.

And yes, Lucky Me Curly Spaghetti Korean Style (BibimMyun) had that distinct Korean flavor. I was able to try Korean dishes that tasted the same. I would recommend that you eat this on a rainy afternoon or at times when the Philippines had a cold weather. Sad to say, I had eaten my BibimMyun in the summer and it wasn’t really a good idea. The scorching heat of the summer sun on my back and with my tongue all fired up due to the spicy spaghetti, consuming an entire water bottle wasn’t enough to keep me from getting red all over my face.

Lucky Me Special Curly Spaghetti Korean Style (BibimMyun) is now available at all supermarkets nationwide. 


i♥pinkc00kies said...

meron pala nyan. i buy my noodles at the korean grocery :)

Anonymous said...

don't eat it when you're sick. i ate it awhile ago when i wasnt feeling well and it tasted good but later on i started feeling nausious and eventually puked it all in the evening... its a very horrible experience. and yes i like korean food...

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