Sunday, April 1, 2012

Kenny Rogers Roasters’ Introduces Saucy Roast Chicken and Three New Side Dishes

Kenny Rogers Roasters Saucy Chicken Roast with three sauces to choose from: Creamy Mushroom , Sweet BBQ and Cracked Peppercorn.
 Kenny Rogers Roasters had always been a popular choice for diners with their numerous mix of healthy side dishes that make visits definitely delightful.
This summer, Kenny Rogers Roasters brings to the table another exciting and innovative concept of dining. Chicken is undoubtedly one of the world’s favorite foods. Thanks to the pioneering invention of Kenny Rogers Roasters who continues to improve, enhance and develop the restaurant’s menu by adding more healthy food choices. 

This month, Kenny Rogers Roasters introduces Saucy Roast Chicken.  Immersed with flavorful peppers and garlic, the new chicken flavor is best enjoyed with any of the three available sauces to choose from: Cracked Peppercorn Sauce—for that piquant gravy experience with the sauce heavy on dotted cracked peppercorns for that extra kick we’d all surely love.  It’s really tasty and flavorful enough to tickle one’s taste buds. Sweet BBQ Sauce is perfect—for diners who’d go for the sweetness of a typical barbecue sauce and last sauce but definitely not the least, Creamy Mushroom Sauce—a heavenly creamy savory gravy peppered with mushroom bits.

“These delightful chicken and sauce matches are our gifts to foodies. It’s a new set of pleasant surprises for our guests. It’s definitely another way of enjoying the unique Kenny experience,” says Meggie Bolinao-Jose, Kenny Rogers Roasters’ Marketing Director.

Among the three, I love the Creamy Mushroom sauce the best. I am partial to button mushrooms and I super love its buttery taste. Although for those who are into anything spicy (for the subdued and friendly kick), I’m definitely sure they’d fall in love with Cracked Peppercorn Sauce. Just a piece of advice, enjoy the Saucy Roast chicken with just one sauce and not the entire three sauces. Whatever your pick is, all the sauces perfectly pair the Saucy Roast chicken.
Saucy Roast Chicken is available with Solo Plates, Group Meals, Healthy Plates and Combo Meals, and is also available for dine-in, take out and delivery. This limited special Kenny Rogers product is available in all branches nationwide until June 30, 2012.

As if introducing the Saucy Roast Chicken wasn’t enough as good news, Kenny Rogers Roasters also introduces three new healthy side dishes: Mediterranean Pasta, Eggplant Pomodoro and Mashed Sweet Potato.
Three new additional side dishes: Mashed Sweet Potato, Mediterranean Pasta and Eggplant Pomodoro.

Ms. Tina Papera of Kenny Rogers Roaster and our night's host. 

Mediterranean Pasta
 Mediterranean Pasta is cold pasta that has roasted eggplant, slices of black olives, chunk tomatoes and Parmesan cheese tossed in Kenny’s very own tomato vinaigrette.  I liked it, it’s refreshingly light yet flavorful.
Mashed Sweet Potato

Mashed Sweet Potato is a sweet, buttery and slightly creamy taste and aroma.  When it arrived on our table, I was a bit hesitant to try it. I really didn’t liked eating sweet potato. But upon my first spoon, I went totally speechless. Surprisingly, I love this side dish! Honestly, I’ve never enjoyed eating sweet potato (well, aside from the one where caramelized sugar is present) until this side dish came along. It’s nutritious and unmistakably delicious, it’s perfect even for babies.

Eggplant Pomodoro
Eggplant Pomodoro is a fire-roasted eggplant baked with chunky, Italian-style tomato sauce, topped with Parmesan cheese.  I’m not really a fan of eggplants because they sometimes taste a bit “itchy” on the tongue, but I find this side dish great. I would recommend it to vegetarian friends; they’ll surely love this side dish. It leaves a “smoky” flavor because of the fire-roasted eggplant. It’s truly healthy.

These new sides are available in regular and large sizes. Along with the Saucy    Roast Chicken, these are available in all Kenny Rogers Roasters branches nationwide. With Kenny Rogers Roasters giving all diners and foodies more reasons to enjoy good food, healthier choices and great dining experience, what more could you ask for? All these and more are enough reason to head off to the nearest Kenny Rogers Roasters branch nearest you.

And since it’s officially summer, Kenny’s Strawberry Froyo is your best bet. Kenny’s Strawberry Froyo (frozen yoghurt) has that signature creamy yoghurt topped with rich strawberries and rich strawberry syrup.  It’s sure to keep those with a sweet tooth raving about the unique taste of this latest indulgent treat.  It makes a visit to Kenny Rogers Roasters berry unforgettable.

Call 555-9000 for Kenny’s delicious healthy delivery. For more information, log on to their site,

Kenny Rogers Roasters Strawberry Froyo

Other sides to try Corn  Salsa and Bacon and Beans,

Strawberry Froyo to beat the summer heat!

Security Blanket thanks Kenny Rogers Roasters, Ms. Tina Papera for the invite. 

Disclaimer: I am not compensated for this post. Opinions expressed are 100% my own. 


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