Sunday, April 8, 2012

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf's Pineapple Vanilla Ice Blended and Fruit-tea Drinks, perfect for the Summer!

The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf's Summer Concoction: Fruit-Tea and Pineapple Vanilla Ice Blended Drinks

Do you feel the scorching summer heat? Well, Summer has officially arrived. And with the heat going on, a nice refreshing drink would certainly make one smile. So have you found the perfect summer drink? If you're still looking for that extra Ooomph, I strongly suggest you to stop looking for it because as you read this blog, your eyes must have been fixed into these lovely drinks and you must've been salivating too given the fact that it's another ice blended drink from my favorite The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf store.
So they had another "Open House" last time, and being the ice blended addict that I am, I decided to ask for two drinks (to try both variants). As expected, both had that tropical flavor of Pineapple. What makes the distinction was the presence of creamy milk and vanilla on the Pineapple Vanilla Ice Blended. the Fruit-Tea on the other hand, tasted something like a cool slush with bits and pieces of real honest-to-goodness pineapples.
Pair these summer drinks with any of The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf favorites like a slice of their Blueberry Cheesecake, it perfectly goes well and complements the flavor. Mix and match with the sweety sourness of pineapple and berries. Yum! I think I could hear my stomach grumbling by the mere mention of that combination.
For chocoholics, The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf's Chocolate Fudge Cake is the one one for you. For only P115 per cake slice, you're assured that it's worth all your cents once the heavenly dessert lands on your spoon.

I love The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Gateway Branch (not the one beside the cinema), they have really courteous staff and very friendly. They are also attentive to all their customers. Well, except that i wish they could improve their Wi-Fi service to Swirl Card holders like me. I don't know why I've never been able to connect to their Wi-Fi service even after the staff giving me the code.
Now, let's get back to the Pineapple Vanilla Ice Blended drink: my verdict? This one's perfect for the summer. It tastes like coconut with the presence of vanilla and the zing of pineapple. However, it leaves a different aftertaste. Take a sip, relax and close your eyes and you'll feel like you've just been whipped off to Boracay. That's how good this drink was for me.
For the Fruit-Tea Pineapple drink, this is more sour in taste, so I'd suggest you have to really like pineapple as a fruit to order this cool drink. If we put this drink on a simple layman's term, it's more "concentrated" as oppose to the Pineapple Vanilla Ice blended I've previously explained above.
Whatever drink you choose, I'm sure you'll enjoy it. It will definitely quench your thirst this summer! So head on to the nearest The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf store near you and get to taste these babies. Just a piece of advice though, do not order both at the same time and drink them both together like I did...or you'll be getting some BRAIN FREEZE like me! Enjoy your summer guys!


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