Monday, April 16, 2012

Gong Cha Araneta Branch Drink and Service Review

There’s another hype going on in the market today—Filipinos had began to appreciate the kind of drinks countries like Taiwan, China, and Japan had been up to…It actually brings me back to the time (probably during the late 90’s) when the likes of Orbits, Zagu and other Pearl Milk or Iced taro stores had sprouted like mushrooms within the Metropolis.
And nowadays, people would often go for a chat not just in popular coffee shops but also in Tea Shops like Gong Cha! What makes these teashops different from the likes of Pearl Milk or Taro drinks in the past, Gong Cha isn’t your typical “to-go” drink. They do have kiosk style stores, but they have some posh shops where you get to see typical teenagers and yuppies engaging in conversations to whatnots.
And the price of each drink is actually a bit pricey—when compared to the old pearl-milk-taro-drink-in-your-neighbor-style drink. For Gong Cha, my friends and I ordered Wintermelon drink and grass jelly. Truth to tell, it had that real tea taste and the froth was just fine. It was just too bad that the staff at the Araneta Center branch wasn’t too friendly. It was about to close and even if we were talking, the girl from the counter had blasted off the radio speakers loud. We tried to talk with them and asked them to minimize the sound since we could hardly hear each other. But to no avail, they probably thought since it’s almost closing time, we were not treated fairly as customers.

If you ask me, the drink’s all right except for the service and the staff’s attitude. So if someone would ask me if I’m going back to Gong Cha, I’d say perhaps I will in some other branch. No matter how good the drinks are, if there’s bad service or staff, I’d bet count I a few more years and that business will eventually closed down. So I really hope the Gong Cha Araneta (near Shopwise) branch will soon be friendlier to their customers. 


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