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Bo's Coffee: Freshness of Newly Roasted Coffee in every Cup

Summer is here and we will all be getting our much-needed breaks as we unwind, drink, eat and travel. From experience, this is also the time of the year I find myself sipping more than a cup of coffee, soda or iced drinks in just a single day. Perhaps it had something to do with the sizzling heat of the summer sun that makes me thirsty all the time. And I recently discovered another coffee shop called Bo’s Coffee.

Well, it isn’t really new to begin with. Actually, they were already in the coffee shop business even before the likes of international coffee giants dominated the coffee shop industry, but through all these years, Bo’s Coffee had held its own followers. 

Bo’s Coffee started out in Ayala Center Cebu in 1996. The owner, Mr. Steve Benitez had been passionate about coffee and traveling. And it was during his travels that he met an American Italian roaster and taught him everything he needs to know about coffee, thus he named his shop, Bo’s Coffee, in honor to the man who started his flair for coffee. Their first branch in Manila was in Glorietta 4, but they later moved and transferred to Glorietta 5. Soon Bo’s Coffee had expanded its branches in other strategic locations. Now that further explains why Bo's Coffee sounded like an American owned. 

They have really tempting cakes and pastries. But the best seller remains to be the Blueberry Cheesecake. Although for those with diabetes, fret not, Bo's Coffee also had the Sugar-free Cheesecake. I liked their Super Moist Chocolate cake, although I'd strongly recommend that you share a slice with a friend when you order this yummy choco cake. Well, my loyal readers know I'm not really much of a chocolate-lover so maybe that's why I had a difficult time finishing that slice of Bo's Coffee's Super Moist Chocolate Cake. 

A wide range of choices in Bo's Cafe Menu.

Summer's fave: Amaretto Biscotti!
For this summer, Bo’s Coffee had made a special concoction called Amaretto Biscotti, exclusively sold for the summer. What I like most Bo’s Coffee, unlike other popular iced coffee drinks, they aren’t too sweet nor too bland—they’re just right. Biscotti for those not familiar with it--is an Italian cookie that goes well with coffee and it's baked twice. Bo's Coffee Amaretto Biscotti is perfect for summer because it had the goodness of newly roasted Bo's signature Coffee, some chocolate and whipped cream and of course, bits of chewy Biscotti cookies that you'll be enjoying while sipping it under the horrible heat of the sun. Hurry though, for this special concoction is only available for the entire summer (that means, it'll only be around until the end of May). Get it now while it's on the Bo's Coffee Menu!
Mr. Jojo Cayabyab, Bo's Coffee Operations Manager
“We value freshness, that’s why the coffee that we serve are freshly roasted beans. It’s something about us that our customers had loved.
“It is important to consider the freshness of coffee when you roast them because it is just enough when it comes out into flavor. When the beans are moist and shiny, it comes out with its oil and aroma. When you prepare it in its freshness, it really has that bold taste of coffee. You get a better body and you get the best taste. That’s also the reason why our coffee can stand for itself without the added syrups or anything additive with the flavor,” shares Mr. Jojo Cayabyab, Operations Manager, Bo’s Coffee.

They serve both Arabica and Robusta coffee beans—a mixture of both from highlands and midlands. They make sure to serve freshly roasted beans in every cup. 

This is the super moist chocolate cake I've been raving about!
For the health conscious, there's also an available Fruits and nuts trail mix being sold at Bo's Coffee shops. Mix them with a fresh cup of milk, and voila! You have a great breakfast paired with a fresh cup of roasted coffee from Bo's Coffee. Nothing could be any better than that to start one's day, right?
Fruit trail mix from Bo's Coffee.

Here's the twice-baked biscuits I've been telling you about. 

If you're up for a Green Tea, Bo's Coffee also had that iced Green Tea drinks. For that refreshing zing to inspire you as you go through your day! 
Green Tea Iced Drinks that'll surely make your day!

Perfect pair of Amaretto Biscotti and Biscotti!

Wondering where can you sample these yummy treats? You can find Bo's Coffee at Cyberzone, 4th flooor in SM North Edsa-Annex, Ayala Center Cebu and  Glorietta 5 Makati. 

Check out this play which will have another run sometime in the middle of the month of May, "Kapeng Barako Club: Samahan ng mga Bitter" staged in Bo's Coffee:


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i love Bo's coffee than Starbucks!!

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I'm a fan of Bo's Coffee especially their Froccino Primo. It tastes good!

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