Monday, August 15, 2011

Tusok-Tusok: The Original Fried Isaw-Superb Hit Among Pinoys!

If you live somewhere in the vicinity of  Cubao and you happen to pass by the MRT Araneta Center Station, you must have noticed the long lines near the ticketing booth. No, it's not part of the MRT itself, but if you look a little closer, you'll soon realize that it actually came from a food kiosk or stall that sells street foods like isaw (chicken and pork intestines), adidas (chicken feet), helmet (chicken's head), betamax (pork blood) etc. Yes, Tusok-Tusok is a hit among Filipinos! Everyday people line up the food stall for their favorite street food. 

What made the difference among other food stalls and kiosks? Well, the difference lies in their affordability and taste as well. It's one of the first (they claim to be the original) who thought of the old isaw to be fried instead of  the usual "barbecued style".  According to the cook, "We made our street food uniquely crispy by breading them and frying them instead of merely roasting them hot off the grill. This way, our customers will enjoy their crispiness fresh from the frying pan." 

Did I mention that it's really affordable? "Swak na swak sa budget (Really fits the budget!), " says Mr. Tomas Agustin, a Tusok-Tusok regular customer.  For a mere P7.00 you can get a stick of fried pork blood or fried chicken intestines. And if you add some more P5.00, you'll get a cup of rice to go with it. How's that for a really superb meal, right? 

For street food dummies, they even posted a street food dictionary where you can choose what you like depending on the taste and appearance. Well, I tried it, I'd say the taste was good but I do not recommend this to those people prone to gastritis and other hygienic issues though. But as they say, you wouldn't be truly Pinoy if you haven't tasted street foods at least once in your life. Besides, fry foods aren't the healthier choice, the rest is all up to you though whether you pass it up or go ahead and indulge.

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