Friday, August 12, 2011

Rustan's Supermarket Weekend Cooking Demonstration: Rasta Indian!

I recently went to Rustan's Supermarket to see a cooking demonstration on Indian's cuisine. There were three different sessions from selected three Rustan's Supermarket branches: Shangri-La Plaza, Rockwell and one in Makati.  This was in part of their celebration of the Wonders of the World Food Festival where different cuisines were featured in cooking demonstrations with Chefs and other cooking experts.  

I had not been quite familiar with Indian food although it's often been regarded as somewhat "spicy". But I immediately fell for vegetable samosa, partly because I love vegetables and also because of its texture.  What I love most about other Asian foods was the use of herbs and other spices, which was very evident in their dishes. Thai and Vietnamese uses veggies such as cilantro(wansuy) and other green leafy veggies. Italian uses herbs but they use really aromatic ones like thyme, rosemary etc. Spanish uses paprika and cayenne. Chinese uses five spice powder and perhaps a few other plants. Indian uses turmeric and curry among many other spices. 
It may seem difficult to make a vegetable samosa, but it really looks very much like our own lumpiang toge (bean sprouts spring rolls) only with a twist since they are using more veggies on the dish with a few herbs (depending on your taste, really) right here and there. And of course, they added a dash of their signature spices for that authentic Indian taste. A chef from Kashmir, a popular Indian restaurant demonstrated the easy peasy vegatable samosa to the delight of the audience. 

Interested to cook Indian dishes? There's another demonstration coming your way this Saturday, August 13,2011 at the Rustan's Supermarket in Makati at 4PM. Go and catch it yourself. And be awed at the different flavors Indian cuisine can offer. 


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