Tuesday, August 16, 2011

TGIFridays' Queso Fondido Food Review

Large servings doesn't necessarily mean happy customers.

My good friend Ia and I went to TGIFriday's restaurant in Trinoma, Quezon City last Saturday. Prior to that her son & my Kyle had agreed to play at Timezone. While the kids were busy playing, we both decided to get some drinks to keep us company while we were busy chatting. Since TGIF restaurant had been known to serve large servings, Ia had ordered us an appetizer we will be sharing. 

Initially, we were given a plate with nachos & salsa on them. From the moment it was put on our table, it didn't looked appealing to me. Why? I was looking for something which I later learned was cheese. But it was crunchy, so we had no other choice but to dig it in. 

Ia & I had ordered drinks. Upon skimming on their menu, I wish the TGIF would have description on each drinks since they really have unusual names to begin with. Although the staff/waiter would gladly answer your question about each drink, it would be best to have it written on the menu itself. Anyway, Ia ordered a drink that had strawberries on them while mine was a mixture of pineapple & orange. 
Nachos + Salsa. But where's the cheese?
They had given us cold pasta (yes, not cooked al dente) with tough grilled meat. Even Ia had seen my struggle as I tried to strangle that piece of meat/pork. It was bland, it didn't had the smoky hot-off-the-grill taste I had expected. It doesn't even have a sauce to pair it with. Would tomato ketchup work? Nah! I tried it, but to no avail, still the meat tasted bland. 

The chicken fingers were good. The mini burger was also good although I won't recommend it to kids since it had veggies on them. The brownies that goes with it was a bit dry, it was supposed to be moist inside (I'm a pastry chef, I should know) but after a few more bites, I realized it did taste good even if it was a bit too dry for a chocolate brownie. 

The drinks were good enough--Tropical Something (sorry I forgot what it's called)+Gold Medallist.

The menu says it all.
The Queso Fondido that Ia had ordered had actually saved the day. It was served on something that looked like a sizzling plate, but it was made of mozzarella cheese with bits and pieces of onions, red & green bell peppers, fresh sliced tomatoes, and served with bacon bits. Since Ia doesn't eat bacons, we had asked the waiter to serve it on the side for me. 

According to the recipe wiki, Queso Fondido is Spanish for melted cheese, referring to a dish (which is usually served as an appetizer) of just that melted cheese. Additions are varied and may include jalapenos or bits of cooked pork, beef, or chicken. 

Queso Fondido was a cheese-lovers paradise. Think of eating pizza slathered with oozing mozzarella cheese without the hard crust. That's exactly what Queso Fondido was! It was an honest-to-goodness appetizer. It is served with plain nachos so that you'll have to scoop in the mozarella cheese & eat them according to your heart's desire. 

I am not really a cheese lover, but I had to admit among all the stuff we were served, it is Queso Fondido that really saved the day. Ia even told the waiter to compliment the chef for it. It only goes to show that it wasn't just me who enjoyed the said TGIF appetizer, but also Ia. 

Queso Fondido saves the day!

The next time you visit TGIF restaurant, make sure you try this yummy Queso Fondido, even the kids (who aren't into eating vegetables) will love it. 

The Purple Fairy thanks Ia for spending time with me & my family + for the treat. Visit my dear friend, Ia's blog at www.specialeducationphilippines.blogspot.com. Thanks!



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