Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Larry J Cafe's New Menu Offering Food Review

Spinach empanaditas

My family and I have been loyal clientele of the LJC Group of restaurants. We truly enjoyed Filipino foods served at any LJC restaurants because hands down, they really had the best ones. Security Blanket along with my friends found ourselves at Larry J’s Café in Serendra. Although the service was a little on the slow side, the wait was worthwhile as all the food we’ve had was just amazing, appealing and most of all, satisfying to my palate! 

Vegetable samosas

For appetizers, my friends and I shared on Spinach Empanaditas and Vegetable Samosas. I love the crunch of the phyllo pastry. They are also fresh in taste. The fillings are just right and the sauce for the veggie samosas was perfect. Imagine your beloved spinach and artichoke dip as filling for the empanaditas, that’s how good it tastes like.

Eggplant caprese

Watermelon and Feta cheese salad

Up next was the Watermelon and Feta Cheese Salad. It was delightful since it had the right blend of watermelon’s sweetness and the salty taste of feta cheese on a bed of green lettuce.  But Larry J Café’s Wild Mushroom Salad was the one that has captured my interest and discriminating palate! Stir fried floured, fried and crisped Oyster mushrooms, Shiitake, and Button mushrooms on a bed of aligue (crab fat) with fresh Arugula on the sides. They all complement each other. Then, there’s their Eggplant Caprese—which to me was a little overpowering in terms of taste.  But I guess I’m just not into caprese because I’ve grown tired of eating anything with basil on them since I used to do my own pesto at home. 

American Beef Stew

For our main meal, my friends and I feasted on sinfully Baked Bone Marrow with garlic, fork-tender American Beef  Stew,  Larry’s Lamb Curry, Fillet of Galunggong A la Nicoise and Chicken Scaloppini Pancetta. Among the main dishes served, I loved the Galunggong fillet a la Nicoise.  It’s just fantastic to make galunggong fish with some twist and it best fitted the dining ambiance of Larry J’s. As we simply put it in the vernacular, “It’s the Filipino favorite galunggong na pinasosyal!” With capers and olive oil, its was indeed Galunggong at its finest. And oh, the best part which I loved best? It doesn’t have that ‘fishy’ after taste! 

Chicken Scallopini Pancetta

Baked Bone Marrow

Wild Mushroom Salad

Verdura Panini

As if what we’ve had wasn’t enough, we were also able to try Verdura Panini. Huge Panini sandwiches with fresh veggies and mozzarella cheese on them. If I hadn’t been that full, I wouldn’t have taken them home. The next day, I ended up having it for breakfast after re-heating them and they still taste just as great. 

Grand Marnier Souffle

Lava Cake

We finally had our desserts and capped off our lovely dinner with the Grand Marnier Souffle, Pecan Tart, Tres Dulces and Lava Cake.  Okay, I admit, I’m not supposed to eat any of the above mentioned desserts because I am diabetic. But it wouldn’t hurt to have just a wee bit share just to taste it. Thus, I’ve had a scoop of the soufflé, dig a fork of the pecan tart, tried a small part of tres dulces and had the delightful vanilla ice cream from the lava cake (I had to pass the chocolate though.) My verdict? Everything was just what I expected (and more!) from Larry J’s Café. Overall, my experience at this restaurant was nothing short of perfect! I would come back here again when I am in the Bonifacio Global City or Serendra area and looking for Filipino food!
Lamb Curry

One of the servers (sorry I forgot to get his name), was very attentive with our needs and always helped us with making our choices because I tell you, it is a chore! He even gladly granted my simple request of having a slice of lemon on my water (and without any charge at that!) You don’t also have to go too far to unwind after dinner because Larry J’s Café also has a bar where you can order some alcoholic drinks. If you want to find out what Andrew Zimmern was  talking about when he said Filipino cuisine is the next big thing in the US, dining at any LJC restaurants will make you understand what he’s talking about.

Disclaimer: I am not compensated for this post. Opinions expressed are 100% my own. 

Larry J’s Café is located at Serendra, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig.


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