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Savor International Flavors at the SM Mall of Asia International FoodFestival

       Manam's Pansit Sisig with generous chicharon on top

Come and stimulate your taste buds and make them experience a trip around the globe on each plate, as SM Mall of Asia holds its International Food Festival from September 5 to 30, 2014.  The MOA Eats fest has an array of exciting activities for all foodies that will surely satiate even those with discriminating palate. 

More than 50 participating restaurants will feature dishes prepared exclusively for this month-long celebration of world-class cuisine. MOA Eats diners will be in for gastronomic feasts by visiting participating restaurants. The dishes are bound to excite guests because aside from being new, they will only be made available for the duration of MOA Eats.  I've been given the opportunity to experience a preview of what foodies can expect during the MOA Eats. 

Here's a sneak peek of what to expect at Manam Comfort Filipino Restaurant and at California Pizza Kitchen: 

                                       The Manam Comfort Filipino Restaurant 

It's my first time to eat at Manam Comfort Filipino Restaurant and I'd have to say that they really lived up to their name. Manam comes from the word Malinamnam (tastes good). For the upcoming MOA Eats food fest, Manam has prepared Sisig Pancit--giving a twist on two of the classic Filipino favorites. A combination of two popular Filipino dishes: Sisig and Pancit. The said dish may look a bit weird at first since we're used to sisig served on a sizzling plate rather than on top of pancit, but it's definitely worth a try. Surprisingly, the sisig didn't overpowered the pancit when it comes to flavors. Oh, and Manam's sisig pancit is served with generous chicharon (crackling pork rind) on top.

      Manam's Famous and Innovative Dish Sinigang in Watermelon 

Also worth mentioning that you must try at Manam's are their best selling Sinigang in Watermelon--again, another twist on Pinoy's sinigang. I couldn't help but closed my eyes as I slurped the broth of this soup! Who would've thought that this innovative dish would make the best comfort food I've ever tasted? Imagine short ribs on a red watermelon and tomato soup broth--perfect on a rainy day. It had that somewhat sweet (from the watermelon, I assume) and sour (from tomatoes) flavors that will satiate even those with discriminating palate. 

                                   Deep Fried Chorizo and Kesong Puti 

                           Caramelized Patis Chicken Wings

Deep Fried Chorizo and Kesong Puti Lumpia, Kare-kare and Caramelized Patis Wings are also worth trying. But what had truly standout apart from Manam's sinigang na watermelon is the Ensaladang Namnam (tinapa flakes, mangga at bagoong, buko meat, shallots, tomatoes and peanuts). It's like giving your tastbuds some sort of exercise. It tasted somewhat salty, sweet, sour and even umami taste. With cozy ambiance, great food + excellent service, Manam's the best place to be for Filipino classic foods and for the adventurous ones, they also have twisted versions of the classic dishes. And while you're there do not forget to try their amazing fruit shakes as well. How does Mango-Ginger, Camias-Lemongrass, Strawberry-Camias and Mango-Pomelo-Coconut Cream-Sago sounds like? They're all very refreshing and not to mention healthy, without any artificial flavors! 

   Manam's Healthy shakes: Camias Lemongrass, Mango Ginger, Strawberry Camias and Mango Pomelo Coconut Milk Sago

We've also visited California Pizza Kitchen at the SM Mall of Asia branch. Here we have tried two different salads and pasta dishes. For pasta, we've had Spicy Arrabiata and Penne Alfredo and for salads, we had healthy servings of Watermelon salad and the CPK House Salad. But for the MOA Eats Food Festival, California Pizza Kitchen will be offering their delicious Caprese Pizza. Originally, it's served as a salad made from sliced fresh mozzarella, tomatoes and basil, seasoned with salt, and olive oil. It was made to resemble the colors of the Italian flag: red, white and green. But this time, just specifically for the SM MOA Eats Food Festival, CPK will be offering them in a pizza form. So, take advantage of it foodies, it will only be good for a limited time! 

            California Pizza Kitchen's Watermelon Salad 

                                   CPK's House Salad

                     California Pizza Kitchen's Penne Alfredo

                             CPK's Spicy Pasta Arrabiata

     CPK's MOA Eats Food Featival Offering: Caprese Pizza

There will also be live cooking demonstrations to be conducted by popular chefs from four selected restaurants. The cooking demos will be held at Tempura and Sbarro on September 5 and Claw Daddy, New Orleans and Vikings on September 12 from 5:30PM onwards. 

Exciting prizes are also up for grabs, as the Official Mall of Asia Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts gives two lucky social media enthusiasts a chance to dine with culinary luminaries at an exclusive Chef's Table meal + two roundtrip tickets to any chosen local destination via Air Asia Zest! 

As an added treat to all diners who will purchase and order the Special Eats Dish, awesome prizes will also be given away. Third prize winner gets one Air Asia Zest Round Trip ticket to any domestic destination of choice + Php10,000 worth of Gift Certificates from IHOP. The second prize winner also gets one Air Asia Zest Round trip ticket to any domestic destination + Php15,000 worth of gift certificates from IHOP. And for the lucky Grand Prize winner, he or she will receive a Round Trip Ticket for Two (2) to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia via Air Asia Go and a tour package! 

So mark and block those dates this September and come to SM Mall of Asia to treat your entire family or your friends to gustatory international delights. Don't miss this chance to eat an array of sumptuous international treats. Make the SM Mall of Asia International Food Festival as your ultimate dining destination.

For more details about MOA Eats Promo, visit the following SM Mall of Asia official social media accounts: 


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