Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Bistro Remedios Celebrates 30th Year Anniversary with Five Exciting New Dishes

When my best friend came home early this year with her French-Canadian boyfriend, she asked me where we could bring him to introduce Filipino food. Being a food blogger whose life practically involves food tasting and review, I thought it was easy. But to be perfectly honest, it's the exact opposite. Finding an all-Filipino restaurant can be pretty daunting since most food establishments nowadays would often have what we refer to as fusion--a combination of two or more different cuisines. That's why I am so glad when I've learned about Bistro Remedios in Malate for they serve truly authentic Filipino cuisines. 

For an establishment to last for three decades (that's a meaningful 30 years!), I believe there has to be a much, much more bigger reason for one restaurant to last that long! It isn't just about the delicious food that they serve that keeps people coming back, or the cozy ambiance that attracts them but I think their secret lies more on Bistro Remedios' excellent service all through these years. 

In celebration of their 30th year in service, Bistro Remedios introduces five new flavorful dishes which loyal clientele and first-time customers will surely love. Security Blanket was lucky to have tried them all and here's what I have to say about the five new exciting dishes: 

Lechon Kawali sa Gata--Fried pork belly simmered in coconut milk. Creamy and definitely a comfort food. It had that crispy fried pork in a rich natural sweetness of coconut milk. Indeed a perfect pair with the Filipino staple rice. 

PiniƱahang Baboy--Tender pork stewed in coconut milk with pineapple and vegetables. This us great for those who are fans of pork. 

Adobong Hito--Based on Ilonggo preparation, this adobo dish made out of catfish is something new to me as I've been used in seeing fried catfish but not in an adobo.

Sinugbang Manok--is half chicken grilled Cebuano style with soy, vinegar and spices. This one's similar to chicken inasal, somewhat charred but savory in taste. 

Sinugba Platter--generous helping of grilled prawns, pork belly, and chicken served with achara and spicy vinegar. I couldn't resist eating the grilled prawns. It's sooo good and fresh, words aren't enough to express my thoughts on eating them. This is great for families since it has a large serving, good for 3-4 person. 

All of the dishes mentioned above boasts of fresh ingredients and done and cooked in a creative, bistro-style plating. They are now part of the menu of traditional Filipino specialties that originally belonged to the family of late LJC Restaurant Group founder, Larry J. Cruz.
For desserts, Bistro Remedios’ list of new offerings also includes two new desserts of local flavors: Pandan Delight and Chocnut Cheesecake.

When Bistro Remedios first opened at the corner of Remedios and Adriatico Streets in 1984, it drew in foreigners as well as locals hankering for authentic, homestyle Filipino food. Signature dishes that have remained best-sellers through the years include Paco Fern and Tomato Salad (young rainforest fern, tomato, and salted egg with a light salad dressing), Binukadkad na Crispy Pla Pla (deep-fried fish sliced like a butterfly and served with balo-balo and fresh mustard leaves), Knockout Knuckles (a whole leg of pork deep-fried in garlic and chilis) and Crispy Tadyang “D Original” (marinated beef ribs deep fried to a delicious crispiness). Fried frog legs and the seasonal crispy rice field crickets sauteed in tomatoes and onions are also still available for those with an exotic appetite.

                                                         Pako/ Fern Salad
                                              Adobong Rice Field Locusts/Crickets

                     Crispy Tadyang

                                       Spicy Baby Pusit (Squid)

Today, Bistro Remedios is recognized by the Department of Tourism as one of the restaurants foreigners should visit when in the country. 

My best friend and her boyfriend will be coming home again in time for the holiday season. When they come back, I knew exactly where I'd take them this time--it's got to be at Bistro Remedios where the finest Filipino cuisine can be found. 

Bistro Remedios is located at M. Adriatico Street, across the Remedios Circle in Malate, Manila. The restaurant is open from 11am-3pm and 3pm-11pm on Mondays, Thursdays, Sundays; 11am-3pm and 3pm-12mn from Fridays to Saturdays. For those who prefer private dining, Bistro Remedios has function rooms that can accommodate 12 to 50 persons. For more information on Bistro Remedios, please call 5239153, 5229163 or visit us at www.ljcrestaurants.com.ph or like us on facebook/LJCRestaurantGroup.

Disclaimer: I am nit compensated for this post. Opinions expressed are 100% my own. 

Special thanks to Ms. Malou Domingo, Ms. Grace Cariaga and Mr. Dominic Diaz. 


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