Sunday, September 21, 2014

Royale Caribbean Jamaican Patties at Market Market

Have you ever heard of Jamaican Patties? You've probably smelled one wafting in the air but had never really pointed out the food where the aroma came from was simply because you're not familiar with it. For those who haven't tried it yet, Jamaican Patties are delicious curry-flavored beef pastries that can be found in Jamaica and other Caribbean islands. Kyle and I recently tried the Royal Caribbean Jamaican Patties located at the 5th level of Market, Market in Taguig City. 

The tables at the Royal Caribbean Jamaican Patties aren’t much. Customers would just often dash in for a patty to go, since they are located just beside the cinema. But Royal Jamaican Caribbean Patties' spot was modestly appointed, brightly lighted and even more brightly painted, in a manic shade of yellow mixed with red and greens. It is a fine place to eat except for the poor air conditioning system of Market! Market! mall.  Although Royal Caribbean Jamaican Patties have electric fans, still they're not good enough. The place was too hot and uncomfortable--so, c'mon, Ayala Malls Admin, I do hope you'll be able to do something about it. 

Let's proceed with the food: The Jamaican patties — beef and otherwise — are hefty but truly unmanageable or messy to eat. But just because you can eat a patty, which is practically a meal in itself, on the go doesn’t mean that a good one isn’t worth sitting down and contemplating--that is, if you can bear with the heat when you decide to dine in at Royal Caribbean Jamaican Patties. 

The meat fillings at Royal Caribbean Jamaican Patties are encased in a turmeric-yellow pastry, made with a fair amount of what seemed like a suet. The suet helps give the dough its savory appeal and, more important, its flaky texture. Like any good pastry made with ample fat, it splits into layers and shards when you bite into it, revealing the moist, nearly puréed meat filling within.

Unless you have some reason to shun it, beef is the best filling choice. It is moister and more flavorful than the very respectable chicken patty.  Allspice lends an aromatic note to both; ground black pepper and chopped cayenne chili peppers tag-team for a double-fisted — but not overwhelming — punch of piquancy and spiciness. 

Kyle and I ordered each kind of Royal Caribbean Jamaican Patties so we could decide which one's the best. We've had the Beef Supreme (juicy ground beef with tomato sauce gravy, no chili. Php45), Beef Royale (mildly spiced also at Php45), Beef Jerky (Extra Hot), Beef Grenada (Php45-detonates in your mouth with spicy beef and lots of chili), Beef Curry, and Cheese Burst Supreme (Php58 ground beef with melted cheese and beef tomato gravy). They all seemed to taste quite similar to one another so it was kinda difficult to make a review and differentiate their tastes. To help us with it, we've ordered Royal Caribbean Jamaican Patties' signature teas. Kyle had their signature regular iced tea while I've had Red Raspberry Iced Tea. Their signature teas somehow helped us cleanse our palates as we write our verdicts on the Jamaican patties. 

Regardless which patty you choose, if you can handle the heat, I recommend anointing it with a dash or a splash, or even more, of hot sauce. Beyond the incendiary sear, it has the alluring, multifaceted flavor of different exotic spices, best downed with a cold glass of their fruity and faintly vegetal signature teas. 

As expected, Kyle loved the Beef Supreme, simply because it's child-friendly. It's not spicy so if you're bringing kids with you, this is your best bet. Beef Royale had that strangely sweet tinge and spice with oozing cheese. The cheese wasn't the melted one though. Think of artificial cheese spreads inside the Royal Caribbean Jamaican Patty. 

To tame the fiery spices, you'd be glad to know that Royal Caribbean Jamaican Patties had a selection of teas to suit your taste namely: Ceylon Tea, Four Seasons, Mango, Premium Iced Tea, Iced Lemon Tea and Red Raspberry Tea for Php58 each! 

Beyond the patties, there are other things you could try from their menu. There's a filling baked macaroni (Php58), some baked cookies and soft served ice creams too. I was just a bit disappointed with their baked macaroni. It's supposed to taste good, but it tasted like some leftover from a party. The pasta was not al dente to begin with. The sauce seemed too dry and they scrimped on the cheese. 

Overall, I'd say that Royal Caribbean Jamaican Patties still needs some more improvement regarding their taste as well as menu offerings. But I'd like to commend them for their premium beverages (teas) because you can't just find them anywhere. The Jamaican patties are okay. They're not really bad, but as a consumer, you can't help but compare it with other Jamaican patties in the market today and you'll be able to figure out what I mean. I guess, if they are reading this post right now, I'd recommend that they try their rivals so that they could see what's been lacking on their part. 

Disclaimer: I am not compensated for this post. Opinions are 100% my own. 

Royal Caribbean Jamaican Patties are located on the 5th level of Market! Market! in Taguig City. They also have a branch in BF Homes, Las Piñas.


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