Friday, May 3, 2013


It's summer time and what better way to beat the debilitating summer heat by watching a European musical show with FREE Nestle Ice Cream on hand at the al fresco area of Bonifacio High Street? Don't worry though if you missed it, you can still find Nestle Ice Cream's latest specialty ice creams called Nestle Temptations Flavors of the Worls in your favorite grocery stores and you might still catch their mall shows and avail of the FREE Nestle Ice Cream by checking their Facebook fan page and check out their upcoming schedules.

If you ask me, the launch of these yummy delectable rich creamy ice cream are just in the nick of time as it is still summer and there's definitely more time to enjoy it. With specialty ice creams from Nestle Temptations, Flavors of the World!  Imagine French Salted Caramel is smooth and creamy. Salt and caramel combination is becoming a popular choice among ice creams, gelatos, and even cupcakes. Now this complementing taste can be found in Nestle Temptations and is really worth a try!

Italian Coffee Affogato (199Php/800mL)
Reminisce the taste of Italy and experience NESTLÉ TEMPTATIONS’ version of affogato in ice cream flavor – a swirl of espresso-flavored ice cream and vanilla-flavored ice cream, blended with cashew nuts and chocolate chips.

Coffee aficionado would certainly be happy to know that there's Italian Coffee Affogato flavor for them. With a kick of espresso flavor and bits of generous cashew and chocolate, one will never go wrong.

Belgian Chocolate Praline (199Php/800mL)
Find yourself transported to a chocolate shop and experience NESTLÉ TEMPTATIONS’ version of Chocolate Praline made with ice cream.

 The Belgian Chocolate Praline had chocoholics in mind. One scoop of this ice cream and you're sure to instantly fall for it. There's something to bite and chew with blended Belgian chocolate chips and praline pieces made from chocolate coated toffee bits.

Last, but definitely not the least and actually my favorite among the selections, is Belgian Chocolate Praline. There's a lot going on in this ice cream that it gave me an experience even with just a scoop. There's crunch, there's toffee, there's something to bite and chew. And yes, the Belgian chocolate is a huge factor! 

All these awesome ice cream flavors from Nestle are now available. So would you guys give in to these temptations?  I bet, Nestle will be launching more flavors soon because once tasted and discovered, these Nestle Ice Cream Temptations will certainly be a blast!


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