Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Explorer's Lounge: Coffee + Book Lovers and Traveler's Nook Serving French And German Food

 If you've come across the Podium Mall, you've probably seen Explorer's Lounge. It's a mini cafe in the middle of the mall serving not just coffee but comfort French and German food, even desserts. So what makes Explorer's Lounge different from your usual coffee shops? Well, for starters, they are also some sort of a library and bookshop. Yes, you can find a wide array of travel books as well as cook books and maps to help you navigate your perfect travel getaways and destinations, thus making your trip more worthwhile. Oh, and you won't find Dora The Explorer here because it is YOU who will explore the lounge.

For bookworms, you may opt to read the books while you're there and better yet, purchase the book straight from the coffee shop. There's also a free wifi access to keep you connected from your friends and lovedones overseas. And most importantly, you can enjoy their food--a taste of what comfort German and French food has to offer.

There's Rosti or Roschti by Swiss-Germany is a traditional Swiss dish made from potatoes. From a staple breakfast (served all-day from Explorers Lounge), it has evolved into a popular side dish served with meals, sausages or vegetables. Still, one of the traditional ways to serve it for breakfast is to top it with fried egg. It remains a favorite of diners, and is more often than not served with a bagel pretzel.

Roschti is made with rougly grated potatoes, it is fried in lard cooking oil or buttered mixture. It is simply seasoned with a dash of salt and pepper. At Explorers Lounge, it is served with a Shueblig, a traditional sausage from german speaking part of Switzerland. Shueblig sausages are available at delicatessen shops, but apart from it, other available sausages from Explorers Lounge would be veal bratwurst and cervelat.

So if you love books, you're a wifi hoarder and you love coffee and traveling as well, head off to The Podium Mall--and find Explorers Lounge located at the third floor. You might want to try their food and specialty drinks as well. And who knows, it might lead you to another travel destination you've been dreaming to explore.

Disclaimer: I am not compensated for this post. Opinions expressed are 100% my own.


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