Monday, October 10, 2011

Papa John's Pizza: Guaranteed Fresh Ingredients All the Time

It had been raining really hard that Saturday afternoon. The MRT had stopped its operation since there was a shortage in power supply. So instead of going home after an event, my blogger friend and I decided to stay and hang out for a while. We decided to grab some bite at a pizza joint called Papa John's.  Unknown to many (that included us), Papa John's had been existing for 25 years in other parts of the globe. Its founder John Schnatter had set a certain standard of quality which means using only the finest ingredients on each order of hand tossed pizza from his store. 

In fact, on his Robinson's Galleria branch in Ortigas, where we had our meal, his promise to his customers are posted on the wall. Proving that fresh ingredients is tantamount to better pizza. 
The promise is written on their wall.
What makes Papa John's pizza different from other pizzas? Their pizza is best enjoyed when dipped in their special kind of cheese sauce. As stated on their line tray: bite, dip and enjoy!
Bite, dip and enjoy.

Part of their Menu.

They've got lots of pizza choices from Super Papa--an ultimate combination of tasty pepperoni, Italian sausage, ham, freshly sliced mushrooms, onions, green peppers and black olives. They also had the All Meats for carnivores out there, Pepperoni--generous slices of pepperoni slices smothered in extra melt in your mouth cheese, Garden Special--and a whole lot more!
Pasta galore

Each pizza ingredient was explored.

Desserts, anyone?

Papa John Schnatter's promise on the wall.

Papa John's Pizza can be found in different countries around the globe.

The restaurant's commitment to their clients and customers.

Yes, you can watch how they make your pizza.

Friendly staff, cozy ambience and well lighted.

Papa John's pizza had that signature large green chili on each pizza.

Daryll and I ended up ordering a Junior Papa pizza and a Seafood Carbonara plate. It was delicious alright. But how I wish it was made more affordable for the masses. We shared a Junior Papa and the guy who served us even asked us how do we find their pizza, I thought that was a good one. I liked that they wanted to know how their customers find their food. I graciously said that I enjoyed their food with gusto and I could sense they had really used fresh ingredients especially their tomatoes. 
Our friendly guy named Neil, takes my friend Daryll's order.

Junior Papa pizza at about P300.

Papa John's portrait is posted on the wall.

This couple enjoys pasta, pizza and more.
Three ways to enjoy your Papa John's Pizza:

Seafood Carbonara loaded with lots of Parmesan cheese at P180.

If you'd like to experience another pizza haven, then Papa John's the place to go. They deliver in certain areas with a minimum delivery of P300.  We were told that they have other branches like Robinson's Metro East, but you may get in touch with their Robinson's Galleria branch by dialing 631-8689 or 736-0570. Come and visit them at The Veranda, Robinson's Galleria. 

Visit them on their website


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