Monday, October 10, 2011

Kebur: A Hole-in-the-Wall Mediterranean Food Joint

It's really just a small dingy place, but don't judge the food based it.
You wouldn't think of it at first, given its seclusion from all the bustle and hustle of the city. It's actually a place where you had to really walk a few miles before reaching this hole in the wall Mediterranean food joint. No jeepney plies by the street where Kebur is located. Another downside is that Kebur only opens daily in the late afternoon starting at 6PM until about 12 midnight.  But no worries, I'd have to say it's all worth it once you get a taste of Kebur's word-by-mouth famously made Pita Pie

Kebur had other delightfully Mediterranean dishes on their menu such as Keema, Keema rice, Shawarma, Kebab and they also had our Filipino favorites such as Tapsilog (stir-fry marinated Beef strips, fried rice and fried egg), Sisig (sizzling pork ears), Ilocano's Dinakdakan (pork masks and ears with mayonnaise and calamansi or Philippine lemon), among many others. But their Pita Pie remains at the top of the list. It's really affordable for P40 each pie. It tastes like shawarma with a little bit of twists on it. It had loads of cheddar cheese to begin with and you had a choice of hot sauce or white yoghurt to dredge it with. I personally recommend the yoghurt, although if you're the type who go for an extra kick, then having it with hot sauce will surely give you that chili flavor you're looking for. 
My low resolution mobile camera couldn't capture the lighted menu.

Kebur's Best-seller on the menu: Mouthwatering Pita Pie!
I personally liked Kebur's Pita Pie. It's crispy up to the last bite. I could wolfed down an entire pita bread for all I care! It's rich in flavor and had this creamy goodness of the white yoghurt. I tried it with the hot sauce, and it's extremely hot! It's like having tabasco sauce on my pita bread. Just to give you an idea how enjoyed I was while munching on my pita bread, eating this reminds me of pizza with shawarma toppings and yoghurt dip. I must have been to heaven eating this yummy pita bread. 

Their other Best-seller: Shawarma with yoghurt dip
My family loved Kebur's Shawarma.  Its juicy and meaty plus it's really delicious. In fact, if you're planning to visit this joint, you had to make sure to come really early as both Shawarma and Pita Pie sells like hotcakes.  Most people flock to Kebur's for take out of their Pita Pie and Shawarma.  Aside from that, Kebur is basically a small bar, so expect that they are also serving alcoholic drink. Kebur is such a small place that it gets really packed even outside especially on a Friday or on weekends. 

We were told that Kebur's owned by a former overseas Filipino worker who used to work in the Middle East. His fascination and love for Mediterranean food had given him an idea to put up a mini-bar cum food joint where he could savor and enjoy his favorite food even without leaving the country. He also made it a point to keep the foods on his menu affordable because he wants to share his love for Mediterranean food to the masses. 

If you're adventurous when it comes to food and a certified carnivore, Kebur's the best place to go. It promises good food without emptying your wallet. 

Kebur's is located on 20th Avenue in Cubao Quezon City (going to Boni Serrano Avenue from P. Tuazon). 
It is open daily from 6PM-12MN. 


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