Monday, October 24, 2011

Banchetto: Food Trip Heaven Galore!

Sumptuous meals at an affordable price.

Enjoy good food, good company + good music in this quirky food bazaar where different cuisines abound. Banchetto is definitely the place to go! Foodies and gourmets will surely enjoy this food heaven. Imagine a hundred of food stalls to choose from! One will surely delight in what Banchetto has to offer. Not to mention, foods are cooked before your very eyes and in an al fresco setting.

Banchetto staff eagerly sells their stuff from morning til'  midnight.

Yummy foods only found in Banchetto were a hit!

One doesn't need to go to Ilocos to have Bagnet and Empanada.

Empanada from Ilocos were made right then and there upon order.

Banchetto shirts are also up for grabs.

Pizza Galore for food enthusiasts.

Come one, come all to Banchetto here we go!

An extensive array of food stalls for everyone.

From appetizers, main dish, to desserts—there’s definitely a lot to choose from. Have your fill of sisig bagnet, kare-kare, crispy roasted lechon, spicy Bicol express, grilled seafood, baked mussels and oysters, Italian pizza, calzone and pasta, Chinese chow mien, Japanese sushi and sashimi + ramen, Belgian chocolates, yummy sweet pastries and more! Making a pact with your friends, colleagues and office mates to make Friday your official Calories Don’t Count Day!


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