Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Monde Mamon: Great for our Kids' Baon

Monde's latest product: Special Baked Mamon

I usually have a hard time looking for a healthier snack or school baon for Kyle. And it's often quite unfortunate that what's currently available in the market today aren't as healthy as I wanted it to be. So as parents, it is our utmost responsibility to ensure that what we are preparing for our kids would have to always be the healthier choices. And for someone like Kyle who can't eat sweets with chocolates as it would make him more hyper, it makes my job more difficult.

That's why when I come across a good alternative to homemade sandwiches just like Monde's Special mamon, I am really delighted. Unlike the ones sold in popular cake stores (yes, those that uses color red and yellow), Monde's special mamon aren't as sweet. It's also fluffy and soft but it is more affordable at P23 (for two pieces) and P56 (for 6 pieces). Mommies would be happy to note that it is made from the freshest ingredients,using imported flour and fresh eggs. And since it's made by a trusted company like Monde (who by the way produces Nissin Cup Noodles in the country), rest assured that it is a good quality product.

Monde's special mamon also comes in Mocha flavor. I wish they could also create a sugar-free version of their special mamon. So now, my Kyle enjoys his mamon during recess/breaks at school. And I am at peace in knowing that he's having a good snack instead of worrying for the amount of junk foods he's been loading his lithe young body.

Monde Special Mamon is now available in leading supermarkets and groceries nationwide.

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Anonymous said...

Bakit po laging out of stock ang classic flavor? I'm sorry to ask. My mom kasi is on chemo session at monde mamon lang ang sa lahat ng binibili ko ang nagpapa gana ng kain nya since dahil sa chemo nya panlasa nya naapektuhan ng sobra. At lahat ng magustuhan nyang food like a pregnant woman if she requested it bili agad ako para kumain lang po sya ng maayos, of all food she like till now monde mamon lang ang hindi mawawala pag grocery ako or kahit not grocery time papasadya pa nya talaga sa akin to buy her monde mamon... Most of the time out of stock 'yung 6 pieces pack nyo. Sana may gift ang mother ko from monde mamon this Christmas hehehe... Kahit cute baby girl ko nakikipag agawan sa mother ko when she eats it. Kasi masarap talaga sya. Thats why if I buy monde classic for my mother and mocha for my daugther para hindi na out out of stock si nanay... Thank you and God Bless!!!

Anonymous said...
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[pinkc00kies] said...

this one's good nga! ;)

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