Friday, September 30, 2011

Jollibee's Baked Hashbrown Burger: Crispylicious!

I thought it was a bit weird the very first time I saw my fellow blogger Vina Estrella of put french fries on her burger before taking a huge bite of the sandwich. It turned out she was not the only one who does that "weird" habit though. Upon probing for sometime, I found out that more people would actually enjoy eating their burgers more when there's something crunchy inside their burgers, and I'm not talking about the crisp green lettuce here, I mean pieces of french fries. 

Well, I guess Jollibee heard their clamor. Here comes their newest product, the Jollibee Hash Brown Burger. Baked in its golden brown goodness, I had to admit their Hashbrown burger was something to look forward to. It had the crisp I've been looking for and thank God it's not greasy (again, I guess because it's baked!). It had my all-time favorite Yum burger inside and some melted cheese, thereby making my meal an enjoyable experience. 

I know you'd say that hash browns are meant only for breakfast. But the good news is that this product is being served all-day. Jollibee Hashbrown Burger is an ideal comfort food. And unlike the other fast food that also uses hashbrowns on burgers, Jollibee's Hash brown burger is mouth-watering on its own even without the huge size. It will remind you of childhood memories you've spent at Jollibee and it also satisfies your french fries/potato cravings as well. Try it and you'll see exactly what I mean. And my final verdict: It is indeed crispylicious!

Disclaimer: I am not paid for this blog post. My opinion is 100% my own. 


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