Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Richmonde Hotel's Great Array of Food

They were sooo goood to look at that I didn't want to eat at first. Sumptuous buffet meals were specially created by Richmonde Hotel's resident chef Bienvenido B. Chavez. Luscious array of chocolate bars and cakes abound. Chocolate is mostly everyone's favorite comfort food, especially the kids and kids-at-heart. We were fortunate to indulge in the richest dessert concoctions with the wide selection of sweets and delicacies expertly created by Chef Bien. It was a haven for those with sweet tooth, a dizzying display of pralines, cream puffs with caramel glazed, cookies, cakes, fudge, chocolate gateaux--its got almost everything you'll ever wanted from the house of Hansel and Gretel. 

Chocolate bars in circle with cherry on top!

Sweet treats are made of these.
 Meanwhile, those who have been hankering for an epicurean feast need not to go farther as chef Bien also offers those with insatiable appetites to be pleased with an overload of their favorite meals from appetizers to desserts. Diners like us were able to fill our hungry stomach with perfectly tasty herbed chicken with salmon, grilled pork medallions, fish dijon laced fillets, and my personal favorite--baked cheesy croissant bars in Japanese sauce! It tasted just right--flaky like any croissant biscuit, crunchy and chewy with its baked and slightly burned  gruyere cheese.  I swear, I kept coming back for more of these goodies.
Chicken and salmon galore in herbed sauce. 

Porkloin medallion.

Fish fillet in dijon sauced. 
 To make dining guests more pleasurable, fettucinne alfredo was also served for those craving for Italian cuisines. There were also a salad bar where you can create your own salad or D-I-Y salad bar, choose your own lettuce: arugula, iceberg, romaine and top it with cheese, nuts, hams, fruits, veggies and cold cuts. Their ham and potato salad is one of the best I've ever tasted!
Curly in a row: Fettucinne Alfredo in its finest!

My fave of all: Baked Crostinni in Gruyere cheese

Mediterranean dishes were also served with chickpeas, hummus, pita breads, rotis among others, giving vegetarians another reason to be happy.  The foods were not only well presented but also deliciously good. I'd definitely recommend this to my friends and family. Eating here at Richmonde Hotel is truly a great experience for us. With a friendly and helpful staff too, I see myself coming back again next time.  

Mediterranean foods in a row.

Ham, cheese and potato salad. Hmm, tempting!

Hummus with lemons and herbs in a cup. 

Disclaimer: I am not paid for this blog post. I had a lot of fun dining at this hotel that I thought sharing them on my food blog won't hurt. You guys should try it eating there yourself to see what I mean. 



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