Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Zubuchon Lechon: Best Lechon Ever!

 I was fortunate to have stayed in Talisay, Cebu during my visit there some years ago. I was surprised to find out that the entire neighborhood probably sells roasted pigs and you can find it almost everywhere!  Since then, I had been looking for the best roasted pig or lechon in Manila.  Of course, there’s the popular Lydia or Mila’s brand of lechon but I liked Cebu’s style of lechon—the one that didn’t need any liver-based sauce or as most Filipinos call it, “Mang Tomas sauce”.

 I wanted my lechon to be as crispy, juicy, tender and delicious as I had it in Cebu. I thought this was really impossible until I came across Zubuchon Lechon recently. Zubuchon Lechons were generously stuffed with the finest ingredients and spices. I was told they were roasted by hand over a charcoal flame by old-fashioned lechoneros who are proud of their craft.  And yes, the roasted pigs are flown all the way from downtown Cebu City so you can be assured of their best quality.

The best part about Zubuchon Lechon or Zubu Chon is that they don’t make use of monosodium glutamate or MSG nor any artificial flavor enhancers. Upon spoonfuls, one will identify the lemongrass stuffed on it, peppers, salt and that honey-roasted taste we all love. When you purchase them, they are fresh off the flames, they even suggest a few tips for better enjoyment of the lechon parcel upon opening them.
My Aunt had purchased the Zubu Chon frozen lechon. It is made up of prime pieces of lechon and weighs roughly 1 kilo. It’s perfect for “pritchon” or fried lechon, lechon sinigang (stewed roasted pig) and the succulent lechon paksiw (a dish with a mixture of vinegar, sugar and pepper)which was exactly what we did.
Anyway, Zubuchon Lechon may be availed and flown in daily from the South by calling 032.236.5264 or dial 0917.627.4761. 


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