Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Conti's Chicken Pastel, Seafood and Pasta Galore

I never expected it to be creamy and tasty. But I fell inlove with Conti's chicken pastel upon first bite. I also liked their angel hair pasta and baked shrimp. They were extremely delicious bringing me to heaven upon tasting. I never thought I'd fall for something like this. Paired it with mini fudge caramel bars as perfect way to cap off the said meal. Hmmm...I'd want another round of these foods on my plate. 

I've always wanted my chicken to be fried, grilled or broiled but never in pastel. Not until Conti's gave me the best chicken pastel I've ever tasted. The chicken were still juicy and the potatoes soft, almost buttery, melting in your mouth with a burst of flavors! That's exactly what I want in my chicken--to think its got sauce, and creamy at that! 

I'd definitely recommend this to my friends...


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