Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Yummy Recipes with a Twist

Bread with ebiko filling, Foccacia bread pizza, salmon in Bruschetta
I had always been into food ever since I was in high school. It was in my sophomore year that I decided I had to learn how to cook. It all started way back in 1994, right after my grandma had died, I was often left all alone at home. Without someone to cook for me, I figured, it's either I would starve myself to death or learn how to cook for myself. In the end, I had chosen the latter. 

It all seemed difficult when I started cooking. I would have cuts here and there and occasionally burns. I would also do stuff too stiff or burnt that even our dog would no longer want to eat--in short, not edible enough by humans and animal consumption. But I had never given up.

Later, I found myself buying cook books for me to use. And instead of following instructions or the recipe per se, I would do things on my own or give the recipe a twist. I do not like giving set parameters on myself or anything like that. And each time I tasted something really good, I try to do it at home and make my own version of the said dish. 

So if I come across a new dish or viand, I immediately ask what's in it? What made it unique? I recently had this bread with ebiko filling, foccacia bread filling (bread with olive oil and herbs), salmon bruchetta, chicken ballotine on a bed of spaghetti squash and Spanish paella with Pinoy touches by putting on Tinapa (smoked fish) flakes, Vigan longanisa and red salted eggs! That's something new, isn't?

Chicken Ballotine on a bed of Spaghetti Squash in Truffle

Paella with a twist: tinapa flakes, Vigan longanisa, lemon and red eggs!
I'll be putting on the recipes of Chicken Ballotine, Paella with a Twist and French Macaroons soon on my blog. So keep reading my blog for future updates. I also have a plan of giving away Nestle 100 years Special Centennial Cook Book for my loyal Security Blanket readers and followers. Details will be posted soon on this blog soon. You see, I'd like to share whatever it is that I have--for people who would like to learn how to cook, for those who already know how to cook but are willing to learn new techniques and cooking procedures, that limited edition Nestle Centennial Cook Book is really a treasure.

French macaroons with ganache fillings.

Dark Chocolate mousse, Strawberry-topped Tiramisu and French Macaroon
So for the meantime, allow me to seal my meals by chewing on all these yummy goodies...Cheers! I will let you in on their secret recipes next time. And that's a promise!


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