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Nestle Special Centennial Celebration

I was recently invited to attend a special Nestle Centennial Celebration at the Nestle Office in Rockwell, Makati City. This time, I came as an ordinary Nestle Club member and not as a blogger. The minute I received my invite, I called the office right away to confirm my attendance (as it was written on the invite to RSVP) for there were only about 80 selected members who were sent an invitation to the said intimate affair for those lucky Nestle Club members. 

Thus, I consider myself lucky. One of my Aunt had actually been jealous and somewhat complained for she felt she's more active in terms of membership with the Nestle Club. She's one of those who regularly attends the wellness programs of Nestle in Quezon City Memorial Circle during Saturday mornings. Although I had really been a member of Nestle Club for such a long time, I admit not being as active as her. But since I was the one who received an invite, she can't seem to do anything. I didn't know what were the qualifications if there were any why they had or how they had selected the "chosen few" to attend that special celebration. 
Here's the invite I received from Nestle with my name on it.

I had really been privileged to attend Nestle Centennial Celebration events twice. I had first been invited as a blogger during the gala night prior to to the showing of their film anthology: Kasambahay sa Habambuhay at SM Cinemas. And then this invitation came--and it's something I just couldn't turn down.  I love to cook and there was a time when my Mom and I would brave the long traffic on EDSA just so we could attend Nestle Club's Cooking Demonstration at the Rockwell office. But that had been then, when we were still available in most days. 

When I got to the Nestle Office that morning, I did not really know what to expect. All I had in mind was that I must have been lucky for being invited to the affair, but I had no idea what's going to happen next. I was one of the early birds, as usual. I'm the type who goes really early to an event regardless if there's a reward or none. That's just the way I am. I never want to be late. In case I arrived late to an event, there must be a good reason behind it. Anyway, going back to the said affair, I was surprised to see a friend who's also invited. And when I saw her, I knew it was going to be fun because there's going to be somebody I know from the crowd. Not that I couldn't stand on my own though, it's just more fun when you're with someone you totally know, right? Anyway, my being early was an advantage this time as I was one of those that received P200 worth Nestle Ice Cream gift certificates, 30 early birds received gift certificates. 

There was a cooking demo made by Nestle resident chef Ms. Tess Sutillo, who's still young-looking and pretty at 44 and has remained single all these years (btw, for guys, she's accepting suitors). She cooks a healthy salad and pork tofu dish to the delight of the audience. She proudly says that almost all the recipes found on the limited-edition Nestle Centennial Cookbook was made by her. "I did 90 recipes for everyone, incorporating Nestle products on them. I'm sure your families will love them because I made them with love also," says Chef Tess Sutillo. 

Nestle Club members were also treated to a film showing of Nestle's Sine Kasambuhay sa Habambuhay, showcasing how Nestle products were able to touch the lives of its consumers in 10 short films in 100 minutes. I must have seen the film for about thrice already and still I never get tired of watching them. Then as if that wasn't enough, we were treated to a buffet lunch where selected dishes from the Nestle Centennial cookbook were served. And not only that, I was able to meet the oldest Nestle member, she's been a member for 65 years now! She had even compiled all the recipes she had received from Nestle Club and then she turned them over again to Nestle Club and received by Ms. Au Alipao for keepsake. 

I had been lucky for being able to shake hands and personally meet the Nestle Executives such as Mr. Paul Bulcke CEO of Nestle Southeast Asia, Mr. Frits van Djik, EVP Nestle Southeast Asia, Zone Director for Asia, Oceania, Africa and Middle East and the President and CEO of Nestle Philippines Inc., Mr. John Martin Miller. I had been touched by the story of one Nestle member who sent Mr. Miller a handwritten letter congratulating him for Nestle's 100 years. A week after reading her letter, Mr. Miller personally answered her letter along with a huge basket of Nestle products sent to her doorstep. Mrs. Adriano-Po (the letter sender) was really flattered! "Mr. Miller's body guard came and looked for my house. Just imagine, I live in Baclaran and you should know how many people are there in such place. But the guard persevered until he found my house," recalls Mrs. Adriano-Po. 

When I was able to ask Mr. Miller why he had to sent someone to look for Mrs. Adriano-Po, here's his answer: "It's very rare nowadays that you find someone to write you a letter, personally written through her heart. With the technology that we have, you could just send someone an email or an SMS to let you know how she feels. But Mrs. Adriano-Po sent me a heart-warming letter. And I really treasure every Nestle consumer and I truly appreciate her effort to send me a letter. So I wrote her back and sent in some goodies for her to enjoy," says Mr. Miller.

The little nest--symbol of Nestle.
I had never seen anyone of such stature to be so humble despite all the things Nestle had been all these years. I mean, it's always been a Filipino trusted brand, but Mr. Miller was so down-to-earth, he made us feel as if we're on the same level or that he's like a friend--not Nestle Philippines' CEO and the company's President. With such treatment he gives Nestle product consumers, I no longer wonder why Nestle had been so strong that it had reached 100 years and will be staying until the next century.
The Nestle Ice Cream Gift certificate I got.

Nestle goodies were given to each member.
 All the Nestle Club members who attended the event went home with Nestle goodie bags and the Nestle Centennial Limited edition cookbook. And since I already have one (during the blogger's event), I am giving away one on this blog soon. I'd like to share with you the joy of cooking the nestle recipes which chef Tess Sutillo had created just for Nestle. I've tried  a lot of the recipes and I'd say they were really good. They even had 10 recipes by celebrities, recipes for business, for Christmas, for budget-friendly/thrifty days and a whole lot more. 

More Nestle goodies...Kyle's fave Bear Brand Busog lusog.

So I hope you'll be joining my mini giveaway. Mechanics will be posted here soon. Please continue to visit my blog for further details and updates. This is my way of sharing and thanking followers of this blog who enjoy good food and good life. Thank you. 

Nestle Limited Edition Centennial Cookbook


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