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Sarangani Bay Prime Bangus Product Review: Freshest Bounty from the Sea

Sarangani Bay Prime Bangus

I have always worked as a freelancer because it was a personal decision on my part to be with my family and to manage the family household closely. By that I mean, I take care of Kyle, my nephew whom I had raised as my own child personally. I personally plan, market and choose the food that I cook for the rest of the week. Of course, I get a little help from my mom, but modesty aside, I do better than her at the kitchen.

Cooking for me is like my way of expressing my love for my family. I’m not saying I’m such a good cook because there have been many instances where I end up cooking a hit or a miss. What I’m proud however is that at least I can whip up a nice dish once in a while. I am happy when I make a meal worth remembering as well as when I am able to cook up something delicious and healthy for my family.

Kyle is already in his teens (he’s turning 17) while my mom is already a senior citizen who happens to have some heart issues so I make sure they eat well. I’m very partial in serving them fish to provide them with Omega 3—which was proven to help prevent certain heart diseases. 

I’ve recently discovered the convenience of frozen fish products from Sarangani Bay Prime Bangus. They have an array of fish products and I’m glad to receive some to try. Oh, and did I mention how much my family loved bangus [milkfish]? Actually, we’ve already purchased a few of their products before and we really liked the taste. So I got really excited to try their other frozen products.

Sarangani Bay Prime Bangus was delivered by Grab Delivery

My family are hefty seafood eaters so we really don’t mind having fish anytime of the day. It is actually a welcome treat for us as we get to load up on Omega 3 fatty acids. Adding in some vegetable dish and you already have an honest to goodness balanced healthy meal! In these day and age, it’s very rare that we get to have a good and healthy homecooked meal.

So, going back to Sarangani Bay Prime Bangus, how’s the taste? A few hours after the products arrived at my doorstep through Grab Delivery, I insisted that we cooked some and have them for dinner right away. I’ve put some crispy breading on the Sarangani Bay Prime Bangus Boneless Milkfish Belly (they come in approximate weight of about 400 grams per vacuum sealed pack), this is the way Kyle likes to eat his fish. The bangus belly was definitely crispy on the outside because of its breading, but it’s fully cooked and tender inside sans the hassle of the fish bones.

Sarangani Bay Prime Bangus Boneless Milkfish Belly

The bangus belly is also great for that Sinigang sa Bayabas which also happens to be my mom’s ultimate favorite meal. You no longer had to worry who gets to have that tail part when you eat bangus. We didn't like the tail part because it's got the most fish bones. 

sinuigang na bangus sa bayabas

The taste reminds me of my Lola who used to marinate Dinaing na Bangus herself. Sarangani Bay Prime Bangus is 100% made of fresh milkfish, deboned and vinegar marinated. The pack is good for 4-5 servings. We served it with garlic fried rice, slices of tomato, and hot tinola [chicken stew] soup—and voila! We had the best dinner that made us all satiated and full.

Personally, I liked Tinapa or the Sarangani Bay Prime Bangus Smoked Deboned Boneless Milkfish (Approximate weight is around 420grams).  The bangus meat is tender and fresh. The serving size per pack is generous, it could even feed 4-5 hungry persons. Pair it again with some garlic rice, tomato with onion and cucumber as side dish and you’re in for a great breakfast meal. 

Sarangani Bay Prime Smoked Bangus (Tinapang Bangus) with garlic rice and fried egg

But I also like incorporating them in other dishes such as in Pancit Palabok where the tinapang bangus gives the dish some distinct flavor. I also like putting some tinapa on my Guisadong Monggo which like most typical Filipino families would have during Fridays. And of course, I would also use tinapa on lumpia rolls, with cilantro, tomato, onions and hints of lime on them.

Sarangani Bay Prime Boneless Smoked Milkfish

Sarangani Bay Prime Bangus certainly gives a delicious and inexpensive experience for families to enjoy their meals. Plus, it’s no hassle to cook it. I recommend this in your shopping cart on your grocery day.

So what exactly do I love about Sarangani Bay Prime Bangus that sets them apart from other pre-packed frozen fish products? You could never go wrong buying Sarangani Bay Prime Bangus because you will certainly love the fusion of different tastes in your mouth as you savor a dish, whether it’ll be fried ones or those with soup, they actually taste good! No need to ask for some seasoning because it stands out. In fact, you might have to control yourself because you’d definitely ask for a second helping of rice.

Sarangani Bay Prime Bangus Boneless Marinated Milkfish

Sarangani Bay Prime Bangus frozen products are available at all leading supermarkets and groceries nationwide. I am giving it two thumbs up and my approval sign because buying Sarangani Bay Prime Bangus is a value for money purchase. Plus, remember folks that Sarangani Bay Prime Bangus is a healthier choice! Bangus has lower fat content than pork belly. And it’s also a good source of heart-healthy Omega-3!

Bangus ala Pobre

I recommend this to anyone on-the-go who have little time to prepare healthy meals for their family. Try Sarangani Bay Prime Bangus products from Kusina Sarangani. Make sure that you include them in your next grocery list.

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