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Thumbs Up Restaurant in San Miguel Bulacan offers a funky mix of Sizzling Meals and Grilled Plate Dishes

Thumbs Up Restaurant in San Miguel Bulacan

Tucked in the heart of the lovely town of San Miguel, Bulacan is a restaurant called Thumbs Up which offers a funky mix of sizzling meals and grilled plate dishes as well as classic well-loved Filipino favorites. While they are best known for rheir grilled specialties, they also serve a variety of dishes including native kakanin and recipes--they've got something to offer for everyone. 

Thumbs up owners
For the locals, Thumbs Up has been an institution for almost five years. It is located in downtown poblacion of San Miguel Bulacan where they continue to set the standard for awesome dishes that suits even the most discriminating palate at an affordable price. 

Thumbs Up Bibingka/Biko with cheese on top
Friends and customers are the key to their success. Their many regular customers comprise a perfect blend of neighbors, business people, locals and tourists who visit on each trip to the said town of San Miguel. Thumbs Up is a come as you are meeting place where at any point in time you are likely to see families, business meetings and dates all sharing the common bond that is Thumbs Up
Thumbs Up Sizzling Stuffed Grilled Squid
We sat inside Thumbs Up but there are al fresco dining options if you feel like eating outside. Despite its location on a street off a bustling road, it is happy to note that the atmosphere was a little quieter, which we found really nice. The food was delicious and served piping hot, mostly on sizzling plates. If you're looking for a delicious appetizer or a satisfying meal, you need not look further than Thumbs Up's stuffed grilled squid! Marinated in a sweet and tangy vinaigrette and then stuffed with onions and tomatoes, it is then grilled over hot coals to juicy and flavorful perfection.

Thumbs Up Ceviche
But if you're going to ask me and my friend Daryll, which among the Thumbs Up dishes that were served to us that would be our favorite, it will surely be their classic take on the ceviche or Kinilaw na Tanigue. It combines fish with the tinge of calamansi (Philippine lemon) and spicy chilies. Then piles with the mixture of sliced onions and ginger for a no-fuss presentation. The recipe is equally delicious with either a snapper, halibut or other fresh fillet with mild flavor. We were able to down two plates of this dish--a proof of how we truly enjoyed this dish. 

Thumbs Up Sizzling Bulalo is a must-try
Thumbs Up's take on Sizzling Bulalo was also quite received well. Except of course that you have to consume it as soon as possible because it is best consumed while it is hot. Bulalo is known to be a Filipino soup made with beef shank and vegetables. But this one, Thumbs Up gave it a twist and pour generous gravy on the beef shank with loads of fried garlic bits. It is perfect with mounds of white rice and would surely satiate your palate just as it did ours. 

Thumbs Up Pancit Bihon Guisado
When it comes to Pinoy food, a pancit dish can't be left behind! Originally came from the Chinese influence, Pinoys have grown to embrace and loved any pancit noodle dish that we usually have them for special occasions like birthdays (for long life!), Christmas, New Year or even job promotion celebrations! For me, a good pancit dish should have the right balance of sauce, toppings, and noodles plus loads of flavor too without the umay factor. 

At Thumbs Up, their pancit is also worth a try, The pancit bihon guisado is cooked in a slightly sauce with vegetables and generous servings of pork liver that provide a mild smokiness, giving it extra flavor. Their pancit is best paired with some warm pan de sal. But at the time we had it, we were just too full to even ask for a piece of bread. So there's basically no need for that. But if I had them during merienda, I'd definitely ask for some pan de sal with it. 

Thumbs Up Special Sizzling Sisig
Simple, quick, straightforward, unassuming, unpretentious, crunchy, meaty and exploding with flavor--that is sisig for you at Thumbs Up restaurant. Their pork sisig is like chicharon and lechon kawali made into a flavorful sizzling sisig dish. Plus this dish seems to be eternally addictive, but of course, you have to take extra precautions when you consume this dish. 

I super loved Thumbs Up's Kalamay with latik which was made with TLC by Tita Lucy Payawal, the restaurant owner's aunt. Her homemade achara is also a must-try. If I wasn't diabetic, I would have consumed a bottle of her kalamay--so I had to content myself with five servings of the said dessert. Yes, I consumed five helpings which was again bawal for me. But it was that good that I didn't want to pass up. Tita Lucy's specialties are a must-try when you come and visit this town of San Miguel, Bulacan. If you ask my opinion, it will also be one of the many reasons why this place is worth a visit

Address: Tecson Street, Barangay Poblacion, 3011 San Miguel Bulacan
Operational Hours: 10:00 am to 10:00 pm
Phone no: 09158653540
Contact Person: Mr. Edward Payawal

Special thanks to Architect Ervin Garcia for introducing us to this restaurant and Mr. Rence Chan (for some of the photos used on this blog). 
Disclaimer: I am not compensated for this post. Opinions expressed are 100% my own. 


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