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Sambokojin Opens its 6th and largest branch at SM Fairview Annex

Food is synonymous to happiness. Whenever I feel the blues, all I need to do is find a good place to eat and everything will be alright again. And what better way to get such but from a buffet restaurant? One of the known buffet restaurants now in the metro is Sambo Kojin which had recently opened its biggest branch at the SM City Fairview Annex. Sambo Kojin, for those who aren't familiar with it yet offers a wide variety of the best and most popular Japanese (sushi, takoyaki, ramen, kamameshi rice, sukiyaki, tempura and katsu) and Korean dishes (Beef Bulgogi, samgyeupsal, kimchi rice, korean sushi among many others.) cooked in authentic Yakiniku (smokeless grill) style that give guests an ultimate dining experience. 

Sambo Kojin is named after the six-armed deity from the Japanese mythology who bestowed fire to mankind to drive away impurity and evil. It is also the guardian of the stove who was believed to ensure blessings of a good meal. 

One thing I had noticed at Sambo Kojin's largest branch in SM Fairview was the open kitchen and the spic and span set up. Compared to the other Sambo Kojin branches I've been to, the tables here are a bit smaller so it can accommodate more guests. Function rooms are also available for private parties. The chefs could see the people coming as they prepare the dishes. It also features the restaurant's flavorful feasts of US marbled top grade tender beef along with the freshest seafood dishes served, spiced and cooked according to the guest's preference. 

The dessert section also have a wide variety of pastries, cakes, ice cream, frozen yoghurt, crepes and chocolate fountain with marshmallows. My beloved nephew Kyle even made his own S'mores by heating his marshmallow sticks on the smokeless Yakiniku grill. Sambo Kojin's carving station also serves roasted pork, roast beef and even roast lamb. They also have unlimited drinks of fruit shakes and smoothies, sodas and juices. 

My 14-year-old nephew Kyle awaits his own S'mores from the smokeless grill
Huge Japanese sushi and sashimi choices

Sheer Japanese delight: Pleasing to the eyes and to your tummies!
Here's my plate with some of the best sushi and sashimi I've had.

Yongnyamdalg jin, Korea's fried chicken in Sweet, Original and Spicy Kind are also available

Mechu Katsu and other katsu flavors are also available

Ebi fry furai anyone?

Tiger Prawn tempura is one of their best dishes!

Craving station serves the best and tender beef and pork

Pork belly, crackling and crispy on the outside yet tender on the inside.
As always that melt in the mouth beef is a sure winner for roast beef. As for Sambo Kojin's Beef bulgogi, they're thinly sliced beef in a sweet and salty broth brings me the taste of Korea. I don't know but I just love this so much. It simply put my appetite for meat uphill and I think it will go perfectly with their Kamameshi rice.

US Grade Tender Beef
Takoyaki at its best! Fill it with bonito flakes and mix the sauce from sweet to spicy


Foilyaki are some of yakiniku's fave

What probably sets Sambo Kojin's apart from other buffet resto is their grilling table where you can grill unlimited cuts of meat, (pork, beef and chicken) seafood (shrimp, squid, salmon, tuna), all of which are already seasoned from plain salt and pepper to sweet teriyaki sauce. And oh, they also have veggies to grill which includes my all-time favorite Enoki, Shiitake and Button mushrooms. So really, food is everywhere and big eater like me just found heaven being in this place. The samgyeupsal is another story. Just thinking about it now makes me crave and salivate for it. These thinly sliced pork is what sets apart Sambo Kojin to its parallel buffet resto. There may have been a lot of varieties to it but I super much enjoyed the humble salt and pepper seasoned pork cuts. And it is perfectly sliced thin just so it would be so easy for someone to cook it. If you're like me, you'd sprinkle a dash of togarashi and pepper for that awesome spice or to add some kick! I love how after you cook it to the griller, you just take it and eat it right away. There's a lot of sauce on each table to compliment the meat but I love the Ponzu (Japanese Soy Vinegar). Love its contrast to the flavorful pork cut. Ahh... I just love it!

Everything was good but there are some favorites that just hit the right spot on our palates:

Bacon-wrapped crabstick and the one with Enoki mushrooms and asparagus: I must have forgotten how many sticks I've had of these yummy goodness. You can get all of these from the grilling station and you have the option whether you ask the staff to grill them for you although it would really be nice if you do grill them yourself, this is a total hit among the kids because they get to cook the food themselves. I love how sweet the sauces are: Sambo Kojin's signature sauce, Ponzu, Teriyaki sauce--delicious yet not overpowering. Nice char on the bacon and I particulary love that they grill it over charcoal. Gives you the smokey taste. And oh, it just melts in your mouth.

The Foil Yaki items like prawn in garlic, banchan and other appetizers are a sure hit among guests. Sambo Kojin truly satisfies every cravings even those with discriminating palate with their wide range of flavorful Japanese and Koresn culinary delights. 

Garlic-butter Shrimp: grilled over the griller in a foil and it just cooked perfectly. Smells so good with the butter and garlic, and hell it tasted good too. Classics don't disappoint.

Temaki rolls

Here I've tried the carefully prepared Makimono rolls and temaki (cone shaped sushi). 

Checkered cake
Those with sweet tooth will also be happy to note that they've got a lot of choices to choose from at Sambo Kojin. Checkered cake for instance is enough to satisfy their sugar cravings but it doesn't tastes too sweet. Same can be said for the Pandan cake and their Ube Yam cake. 

Pandan Cake
Ube Yam Cake

Chocolate fountain is enough to make chocoholics go crazy

Gelato, cakes and other sweet stuff

Ice cream toppings abound: cereals, puffs, mallows, chocolate bits etc.

Ice cream in different flavors + choose your own toppings to your heart's delight

Crepe upon order and ice slushed as well as DIY halo-halo for dessert

It was a lovely and fulfilling (literally) dinner where I had, so far, the most food I've eaten among all of my buffet restaurant visits. It pays that I didn't eat anything heavy that day *winks*. For the place, it really felt so small on the outside but when you walk in, Sambo Kojin actually have a huge dining area. Never thought it would be that big. Plus the fact that you had to walk until you reach the end of the SM City Fairview Annex (near the event's center), the long walks are all worth it, I swear! 

The author with her nephew enjoy a hefty and hearty lunch at Sambo Kojin
I just love how Sambo Kojin staff makes our dining really comfortable and enjoyable. And for the service, I can't complain anything since they provided good service to all of their diners. Occasionally checking us out with what drink we want, changing the griller when it gets a little charcoal-ly and really attends to your needs when you need one. Sambo Kojin really makes our dining experience truly unforgettable. Sambo Kojin probably now tops my buffet restaurant list. And yes, we will definitely come back.

Oh and don't forget to book a reservation especially on weekends so you won't need to wait in line as line tends to get really long during weekends. Reserve so you'll have more time to eat. 

Visit the newest Sambo Kojin branch at the Ground Level, Annex 2 SM City Fairview. Call (632) 9215172, (632) 9215175, (632)9215177, 0917-6556240 or 0999-9975177. Log on to Follow them on Facebook for more updates on the latest promos. 

Disclaimer: I am not compensated for this post. Opinions expressed are 100% my own.


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