Thursday, September 8, 2016

Netizens must always be responsible for what they post online

Just for today, we will do away with food. While most of us, Facebook becomes our "security blanket," as it is a place where netizens would rant and complain about different stuff on their FB wall. Thus, I'm posting this article in the hope to shed light and readers will be able to learn how to responsibly use the social media. Ever ranted against a big company’s service? It’s never a good idea to rant online against a company that did nothing personal against you. Whatever reasons you may have, online reputation is just as important as personal customer service. Such is the case of LBC Express. Netizens like Ramon Tumpap and Bakura Pagaduan have made posts against LBC. Tumpap's post contained a picture of volunteers in Taiwan sorting through relief goods being readied for delivery to Yolanda victims in the Philippines. It was posted with a caption claiming that the photo was taken in a LBC warehouse where the employees were regularly pilfering the packages. 

Tumpap aka Ramon Lobo, was confirmed to have never been a customer of LBC Express. Tumpap currently works in a restaurant in Madrid, Spain. 

A random interview with LBC revealed that all packages are sealed in front of the customer and all sealed packages are never opened until the package is in the hands of the registered recipient. I have been using LBC Express for all kinds of deliveries. I have used it from sending money for online purchases to sending items to relatives in the provinces. In the 8 years that I have been using LBC Express I have never encountered any pilferage, unauthorized opening of my packages or even loss of items. I am condemning such posts as false and malicious. 

As for me, I have long trusted LBC, they never fail in helping me send stuff for my loved ones both here and abroad. 


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