Sunday, September 18, 2016

Griffins: New Zealand’s favorite biscuits are now available in the Philippines

Attention Chocolate fans, you have all the reasons to rejoice and be happy!  Griffin’s, New Zealand’s favorite biscuit bakers, have finally reached the Philippine shore. Universal Robina Corporation (URC), makers of Jack 'N Jill and is the country's leading food and beverage company brings us the Kiwi's premium chocolate biscuits for every Filipinos to enjoy. 

I'm no fan of chocolates but there are exceptions to that. I recently received a huge bag filled with Griffin's chocolate biscuits in the bloggermail. Being diabetic, my endocrinologist says I should avoid sweets but she says i'm allowed to have 'cheat days' (which means, I can eat in sample portions) provided I take my medicines. Anyway, I was delighted to try Griffin's chocolate biscuits. I was surprised to find out that Griffin's chocolate biscuits are simply deliciously divine! I was able to indulge in the honest-to-goodness milk chocolate in every bite. 

There are four unique flavors of Griffin's chocolate biscuits to choose from: Griffin's Toffee Delights, Chit Chat, and Squiggles are all made and baked with real New Zealand milk chocolate. 

Griffin's Toffee Delights Chocolate Coated Cookies with Caramel center

Toffee Delights offers layers of rich flavours, with a sweet biscuit base topped with yummy caramel and smothered in real milk or dark chocolate.

Griffin's Chit Chat 
Chit Chat goes all out on chocolate, with its two chocolate biscuits sandwiching a smooth chocolate cream filling, all covered in real milk chocolate.

Squiggles, which marries sweet honeycomb cream and crunchy honeycomb pieces with a luscious milk chocolate coated biscuit.

Griffin’s also offers sweet treats for the young and the young at heart with its range of fun, playful and delicious Cookie Bear biscuits, all lovingly baked with pure New Zealand milk.

Griffin’s was founded in New Zealand by John Griffin, a humble flour miller over 150 years ago. Today, Griffin’s is New Zealand’s number 1 snack food manufacturer, selling over 300 products from its two manufacturing super-center facilities in Auckland, New Zealand.

Griffin’s has recently ventured into Asia and has successfully introduced its delightful creations to Singapore and Hong Kong biscuit lovers, extending the light-hearted joy and delight that Kiwis have experienced for generations.

Now in the Philippines, Griffin’s is available in all leading supermarkets and selected Ministop stores nationwide. Get your stash of Griffin’s Toffee Delights, Chit Chat, and Squiggles and indulge in New Zealand’s favourite biscuits today. Share how much you love Griffin’s by joining the conversation online and using the hashtags #GriffinsBiscuits and #RealNZChocolate. 


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